POLL: Will you be joining the NFL BOYCOTT to make them PAY DEARLY? -

POLL: Will you be joining the NFL BOYCOTT to make them PAY DEARLY?

Prayer is unacceptable but spitting on the flag and insulting police is patriotic within the NFL?  This whole episode exposes the NFL for the craven cowards they are.  They make massive money off of patriotic God-fearing Americans but they secretly despise us.  Well, thanks the President Trump exposing them, it’s all out in plain sight. They need to be taught a serious lesson.

If they don’t learn, burn the whole thing to the ground – and let the far left have the ashes.

It’s time to start hitting these people where it hurts.  They’ve gotten rich off normal patriotic Americans. They they cry about social justice and feel self-righteous every game.  But they love their money and cars more.

Just think about this. The taxpayers are footing the bill for the new stadiums or renovating the existing stadiums. That money is coming from the Feds. The Feds need to pull the plug on those checks going to the NFL. We actually need to hit them where it hurts the most. Someday the owners and the NFL will learn the hard lesson!

Not another single tax dollar should be expended to prop up the NFL (No Fans Left) arm of the radical, alt-Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrat Party. Any elected office holder who does not immediately call for and effect a halt to tax dollar expenditures for the NFL (No Fans Left) should be recalled and replaced with a patriotic American.

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