POLL: Do You Favor Trump Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel? -

POLL: Do You Favor Trump Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel?

After decades of broken promises from many presidents, Trump did the impossible.  He followed through on his promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

In one sense, President Trump was just recognizing reality here.  Jerusalem IS the Capitol of Israel and they will never give it up.  So why was it so hard to do what he did?  Because past presidents have fallen victim to the idea that they must not go counter to elite world opinion.  There were innumerable rationalizations available to Trump to justify caving in.  He chose a different path.

Let’s get behind this man more than ever. He not supports the Israeli people, he visits their sacred sites.

President Donald Trump is the first sitting President to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Wall in Jerusalem. The man walked up to the wall gave a prayer at the Western Wall. This piece of Jerusalem is considered a place for the devout to come leave their prayers. Both verbal and  on slips of paper.

The video shows the President giving a solemn and quiet period of respect. Liberals laugh and mock his reverence, as they do all that have a Judaeo-Christian ethic. But it’s OK. The majority of people know he is a man of conviction.

He places something amazing in the crack of the wall. Watch and see what else he does while near the wall.

Israeli President Netanyahu did not attend with Trump to the Wall. However , he and his wife were to join Trumps and his wife for dinner later that evening.

The President just visited Saudi Arabia prior to his trip to Israel. He shows no favorites. In fact, he implores the leaders of Islamic nations to send terrorists and extremists packing from their borders.

Leftists hate this man because he stands against their anti-faith agenda. What he did at the  Wall demonstrates an unwillingness to bend to liberal expectations.

His next visit is to see the Vatican. Trump is proving that he stands firm on meeting the different religious and cultural leaders.

Although the Wall is not officially recognized as part of Israeli ownership, Trump’s actions speak loud. He respects the significance of it’s importance to the Jewish state.

Let’s let Trump know we appreciate his friendship with our longstanding ally Israel.


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