POLL: Should Trump Investigate the Clintons For Selling Our Uranium to Russia? -

POLL: Should Trump Investigate the Clintons For Selling Our Uranium to Russia?

President Trump just called for an investigation into the Clinton’s dealings with Putin as it relates to the selling of the U.S. uranium supply to Russia.

POLL:  Please read the following article and then vote below.

The Clintons have been associated with corruption from their earliest days back in Arkansas.  As they ascended in power, their opportunities for corrupt dealings only increased.  Isn’t it remarkable that the supposedly bankrupt first couple was able to amass a fortune estimated at well over $100M in only a few short years?

As prolific as they were, things really heated up once they established the Clinton Foundation and Hillary became the Secretary of State.  Suddenly, the money began to pour in.  Donations from around the world began to flood into the foundation with only a small fraction of the money ever going to charity.

In this environment, the State Department amazingly approved the sale of Uranium One to the Russians.  Uranium One controls 20 percent of our uranium.  Interestingly, Bill Clinton was paid an enormous sum of money at this time from the Russians – $500,000.  That must have been some speech!

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is so much material here for any intrepid investigator, backed by congressional authority and the Justice Department, that this could put the Clintons Crime Family away for good.  One person who is really sick of the Clinton Scam is the president.  He tweeted this to get the ball rolling:

I’d say the Clintons are not sleeping well after this.  Please vote whether you think this investigation should begin.

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