POLL: Do you think an ordinary conservative citizen would be more objective than a MSM "journalist?" -

POLL: Do you think an ordinary conservative citizen would be more objective than a MSM “journalist?”

Citizen Journalist CHALLENGES Room Full of MSM Reporters…Liberals Disintegrate into RAGE [VIDEO]

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Citizen journalists, like bloggers, are establishing themselves. All because the mainstream media has morphed into a vestige of fake news or ignorance of the truth. MSM desires only to report on their agenda…Leftist agenda.

Thus the citizen journalist is seeing more opportunity…and taking it.

So when one of these avant gardes of modern reporting hit Washington, liberals were apoplectic.

The video proof

The video illustrates what happens when liberal reporters are faced with a question put to them.

The video is well-done and perfectly examines the citizen journalist’s approach. What he asks is simply to be believed.

WASHINGTON – The journalist who scooped the establishment media and unmasked Susan Rice as a key figure in the Obama administration spying scandal turned the tables Monday and grilled White House reporters about how they are doing their jobs.

Or not doing them…

As soon as Press Secretary Sean Spicer concluded his daily briefing and left the room, documentary filmmaker Mike Cernovich addressed reporters and loudly asked, “Why will nobody here cover the violence against Trump supporters?”

No one in the room knew how to respond immediately. They were stunned by the gall of this person to question them. In their minds they ask the questions…not the other way around.

But Cernovich immediately continued, “And why won’t you demand that leaders of the Democrats disavow the violence by Antifa the way you demanded Trump disavow violence from his supporters?”

He then answered his own question by telling the room: “This has been completely covered up. You have no answer.”

“Are you a journalist?” asked April Ryan, White House correspondent and Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks.

“I am, madame. I am a reporter, I am a documentary filmmaker,” he replied

Response is nothing short of expectation

The reporters in the room were stunned for a minute. Than the outrage began. Someone responded with a vitriol of comments. Such language!

Liberals hate having anything hung on them or implied against them. They believe they are the paragons of culture and deserve total respect.

That holds true with leftist journalists. Fake news makers want Americans to accept what they report. To ignore or disrespect them is to be ignorant.

Believe me…Americans are far from ignorant about the truth. November 8, 2016 proved that.

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