POLL: Do you think the FBI should monitor Mosques and Close them if they Preach Jihad? -

POLL: Do you think the FBI should monitor Mosques and Close them if they Preach Jihad?

France CLOSES Mosques for Promoting Violent Jihad

A mosque that teaches terror in the eastern suburbs of Paris was ordered closed on Tuesday because authorities deemed it “a threat to security.” To be clear, all mosques promote Jihad in some form, mostly leading to violence. It is in their unholy book. It is inevitable. The mosque, located in Torcy in the Seine-et-Marne department, was deemed by authorities to be “a threat to public order”.

 France’s Interior Minister Matthias Fekl said the mosque had “become a place where radical ideology was advocated”.

 “Some of the preaching was openly hostile to France’s laws and was inciting hate to other religious communities, primarily Shia Muslims and Jews.”

He added that there was a great risk of “a breeding ground that threatened security and public order” in France.  Newsflash: it is EVERY mosque. They preach intolerance, hatred of the West, Islamic supremacy, and violence. Try attending a lecture there sometime.

In the official police order for closure, Imams were said to have “legitimized armed jihad” over the past two years, “calling on members to pray for jihadists to destroy the enemies of Islam in France and around the world”.  It is understood that around 500 Muslims would attend the call to prayer every Friday.

The mosque’s closure comes after authorities shut down another mosque in France last week, this time on the south coast. It was also suspected of promoting a radical form of Islam after a police raid had uncovered leaflets considered to be containing hate speech. Since the Paris attacks in 2015 the French government has been under pressure to take a hard line against radical preachers.

Authorities are making use of special powers as part of an official state of emergency in place since the November 13th attacks, and have been quick to close any kind of premises making calls for violence or glorifying terrorism.

Last November the government revealed it had closed four mosques in the Paris region that were suspected of promoting a violent form of Islam.

One of the mosques was the Al-Islah mosque in Villiers-sur-Marne where authorities discovered a hidden Islamic school in the summer.

It was known to intelligence services because it was frequented by 12 individuals convicted of trying to travel to Syria to wage jihad.

These savages will not rest until everyone of us either converts or dies. What are we waiting for?

It is time to stand up to intolerance and either put pressure on Islamic leaders to change their religion via ideological and educational reformation, or get them OUT before it is too late.

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