POLL: Are the Republicans Afraid to take on the Democrats? -

POLL: Are the Republicans Afraid to take on the Democrats?

SPINELESS GOP PROVES MAJORITY Means Nothing …Senator Schumer Brags About Not Funding Border Wall: “Budget Deal Reflects Democrats’ Principles”

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan lack fortitude apparently when it comes to Democrats. Although these men lead their respective legislative chambers, they cower to liberal whining. Wonder if they are in the wrong party?

The GOP has clear majorities and could have done more with the recent spending bill. Trump wanted his funding for the border Wall. GOP folded.

President Trump also sought an end of funds to insurance companies in regards to Obamacare. But Deomcrats balked and GOP shrank.

The details of the $One Trillion spending bill include.


  • $1.5billion for border security – with strict stipulation that it be used only for technology investments and repairs to existing fencing and infrastructure
  • $61million to reimburse local law enforcement in New York and Florida for the cost of protecting Trump and his family when he’s not in Washington
  • Permanent extension of program that offers health benefits to coal miners
  • $407million earmarked for wildfire relief for Western states
  • $295million to help cover a Medicaid deficit in Puerto Rico
  • Continued federal funding for Planned Parenthood
  • $2billion to be held in reserve for the National Institutes of Health
  • Budget calls for $12.5billion increase in military spending, even though President Trump demanded $30billion 
  • No allocation of money toward construction of a border wall along the frontier with Mexico
  • Budget maintains 99 percent of current levels of funding for the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Budget does not include any money for a deportation force which Trump wants to remove undocumented migrants
  • There is also no cut in funding for so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ – jurisdictions that permit undocumented aliens to receive services 
  • Key Obamacare subsidies to aid lower-income earners will remain

This key bill allows the government to run until September.

Some victory and the rest

Trump did receive his funds for the military which was a part of his campaign promises. That in itself is a huge victory. Border security funding was also included.

But Democrats are toying with the GOP because they know they have some power.

The funding for the Wall has to take place. Trump has already said he will not allow it to drop just because Republicans lack the drive to institute it in this bill.

Details of the agreement were expected to be made public Sunday night, said aides to lawmakers involved in weeks of negotiations. The House and Senate had until midnight Friday to pass a measure to avert a government shutdown. –Daily Mail

 Chuck Schumer following the detail release Sunday:

 “the deal reflects the Democrats’ principles. The bill “ensures taxpayer dollars aren’t used to fund an ineffective border wall, excludes poison pill riders, and increases investments in programs that the middle-class relies on, like medical research, education, and infrastructure.”

Schumer is already gloating about his parties position in this bill. The GOP should take note and step it up.

White House Budget Director about shutdown fight:

 “the first real test of whether or not the Democrats — specifically in the Senate — are interested in negotiating, interested in compromising.”

Trump had no choice but to drop the border wall funding this time around. The Democrats refuse to sign if it was included. Unfortunately the GOP majority in the Senate is only 52 seats. However, there are ways to force the issue.

GOP backbone lacking

Democrats used to love their nuclear options on things. GOP can play the same game.

In the House, the GOP may need Democrats help at times where spending bills come into play. The RINOS better acquaint themselves better with the more conservative members of their party. Back stab them too often like this and they may buck when you really need them.

Ryan and McConnell know better. Trump won his office because he identifies with what Americans really want…and deserve.

The Wall should be a non-negotiable. Although illegal crossings have dropped 70 percent with Trump, the Wall represents something more. It’s a deterrent that would halt even more.

Source: USA Today

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