POLL: Has Ivanka EARNED the right to be a part of her father's administration? -

POLL: Has Ivanka EARNED the right to be a part of her father’s administration?

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Ivanka Continues to SHINE, Cites President Trump as Primary Inspiration. Our President Raised Great Children!

Let me start this whole thing off by saying that I am one of the firm believers in that President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump WILL be the first woman president of the United States. She continues to set the standard for class, confidence, intelligence and levelheadedness.

Ivanka Trump attended the National Small Business Week Awards this week at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, DC. While addressing the attendees, she made it a point to stress that her father, President Donald Trump, “was a source of tremendous inspiration,” saying that he constantly gave her boosts of confidence, pushing her to set her own personal goals and never accept the status quo.

“My father was a tremendous source of inspiration to me in my youth and continues to be that today.” – Ivanka Trump

Not only is President Trump a spectacular president, but he is a great dad. It all starts from home (not from your mothers’ basements, liberals, relax).

To nobody’s surprise, but to virtually everyone’s disgust, liberals continue to attack Ivanka and her father from every angle, accusing her of being “complicit” in her father’s administration, boycotting her merchandise, and hurling personal insults at her and her children. Remember the incident on the plane with the despicable professor?

How can liberals take something so inspirational and unconditional as the love that her dad has given to her and turn it around to be something bad?! Some of the ignorant lefties must have had some really messed up childhoods to turn this into a negative. Stop hating!

Ivanka’s demeanor and character are shining examples of what the youth of America should espouse.

It’s funny that even though President Trump’s kids were born into immense wealth and privilege, we’ve never heard of them going out and getting blacked out drunk, hooked on drugs, arrested for whatever, making sex tapes, etc. Yet some people can’t accept the fact that he and their mothers raised responsible adults.

It shows how much society has failed when you see how some people want to tear these kids apart, but look up to the Kardashians, the Hiltons, and all the other worthless elite of Hollywood.

Also, to all the airheads who claim that President Trump is not a champion of women’s rights (like they know him personally), he obviously has always promoted women in his businesses – he was never called racist or misogynistic ONCE until he ran against The Clinton Machine.

Every liberal parent should take notes from our president and his children, and raise their children for a change instead of brainwashing them that they are discriminated against and give them nothing but a hate-filled upbringing. Stop always looking for an easy way out to continue living off the ones that were motivated to get a life.

Time for people to get into this year and move forward! Quit living in the past they weren’t even involved in. It’s like a never-ending soap opera with the same rhetoric daily… Sickening.

EVERYONE has the same opportunity in life, and we all are equal at the starting line. But we are NOT equal at the finish line, and that is because of two words: PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

President Trump had a personal responsibility toward his children, and we can all see the results.

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