POLL: Is the Forced Removal of Civil War monuments an attempt to heal old wounds or is it a display of power by the Left? -

POLL: Is the Forced Removal of Civil War monuments an attempt to heal old wounds or is it a display of power by the Left?

ALABAMA GOV. REFUSES to Remove Historical Monuments…

Finally, a leader that makes sense.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has reportedly signed legislation that will stop cities and counties from removing Confederate monuments on public property, much to the dismay of civil rights groups.

According to The Hill, the move comes after New Orleans recently removed statues honored Confederate figures. Sen. Gerald Allen, the lead sponsor of the measure, has said that he wants to end the “wave of political correctness” that is growing across the nation.

“Where does it end? Are all parts of American history subject to purging, until every Ivy League professor is satisfied and the American story has been re-written as nothing but a complete fraud and a betrayal of our founding values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?” he said.

The bill will make sure that any public monuments over 40 years old will be protected if local governments try to remove them. On top of that, the bill protects against the renaming of public schools that are over 40 years old.

This means that nine Confederate monuments in Alabama will be protected.

We shouldn’t get rid of any monuments of history, in my opinion. A monument can serve as a warning just as well as a honoring. But comparing anything, ANYTHING that Americans did during slavery to what those in Eastern Europe did at any point in their history is a gross misrepresentation. We are not blameless, but our crimes are minuscule compared to what the Eastern Europeans and Arabs have done.

This month has seen the removal of many Confederate monuments in America, including General Robert E. Lee (seen above) in New Orleans.

Of course, the standard cry of racism has emerged from those that oppose the bill.

“These racist symbols have no place on government property, where they counter our nation’s core principle to ensure liberty and justice for all,” legal director at Southern Poverty Law Center, Rhonda Brownstein, said in a statement according to The Hill. “By signing this bill, Gov. Kay Ivey indicates that lauding white supremacy is more important than demonstrating equality for all Alabamians.”

The Hill’s largely left-leaning audience had much to say about the matter on Twitter as well.

I’m sorry, did confederate generals order the imprisonment and deaths of Millions of people? I must have missed the parts of history where Robert E Lee sent black slaves to gulags, or how the confederates wanted the seizure of all property and the starvation of millions. I was too focused reading on how Union general Sherman burned down civilian homes in one of the earliest known practiced ‘scorched earth’ tactics in the modern world.

Will they be going after Auschwitz next? If we eliminate the evidence of history we will never learn from it. They are trying to sanitize the experiences that have helped shape us as the greatest nation in the free world. What’s that old saying… if we don’t learn from our history, we’re doomed to repeat it.

Unfortunately, America like almost every other country in the world participated in slavery… but at least it’s not happening here now! The same can’t be said about other countries. Researchers estimate 35.8 million are currently enslaved worldwide, about 78% in Labor slavery, 22% sex slavery and about 26% of today’s slaves are children! You are personally connected to slavery right now, it comes into our homes, offices and schools through many of the products we buy. Surprisingly India is the #1 modern slave owners with 14.3 million; China is next with 3.2 million. Also on that top 10 list are in ranking order: Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Thailand, DR Congo, and Myanmar.

Given that the horrendous and barbaric practice is still happening today would the cause not be better served by helping those in IMMEDIATE danger instead of trying to eliminate the shame of something that happened a few hundred years ago?


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