POLL: Is CNN Trustworthy? -

POLL: Is CNN Trustworthy?

Neil Cavuto SLAMS Really Fake News Channel CNN in EPIC Rant!

Neil Cavuto is a really nice guy. We’ve all seen him on Fox, and in interviews on a daily basis. It takes a LOT to get under his skin. But when someone, or something, does, his responses are usually nothing short of epic, and this is no exception.

FOX News/FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto finally got his chance to tell fake news channel CNN (Crappy News Network) what he really thinks. This is a great clip! What’s sad though, is how many people believe all of the things that Obama, and the crooked, lying, liberal -media broadcast. Watch this clip, and please SHARE if you agree.

Neil Cavuto:

“It didn’t matter so much when it wasn’t about you before CNN. Very different now that it’s you being singled out, CNN.  See that doesn’t seem very fair now does it? The shabby treatment of your reporters, not very nice now is it? That’s Life I guess. Not fair, often not balanced, and now, you’re experiencing what we have been living. Now you’re taking the ROYAL FOXING, and the irony is I feel your pain.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Neil Cavuto:

“They say payback’s a bitch. If only you would take a moment to rewind the tape and see the shoe’s on the other foot. Or, am I  confusing it with the one that IS kicking you in the ass? It’s hard to tell from where I sit. Back then, your silence was deafening. Very different now isn’t it? And I suspect, just suspect, not much fun. Is it? Weird.”

If you agree the the Lame-Stream Media needs to quit lying, printing really FAKE NEWS, and needs to begin covering what President Trump is really, truly accomplishing to fix our country, then please SHARE this EVERYWHERE and with everyone you know!

Enough is enough.

H/T: Swamp Drain

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