Poll: Would You Buy A Stamp With Michelle Obama's Face On It? -

Poll: Would You Buy A Stamp With Michelle Obama’s Face On It?

There has been a movement underway to try to cast the Obamas as some kind of Kennedy type royal family.  Progressives practically worship them and would do anything to promote them to some kind of royal status.  One easy way to do this is with stamps honoring them.  And you better believe there are plenty of people in all the right places that would try to make that happen.

One liberal group floated the above picture as some kind of trial balloon.

To be clear, the photo shown above does not show any real or proposed USPS stamp. The image was created in March 2013 by Britain’s Sunday Times Style Magazine after the publication named Michelle Obama the “Best Dressed Woman in the World.”

But it does show how much adulation and almost worship she receives from the elite throughout the world.  It would come as no surprise if some loony lefty at the USPS actually did propose this.  In the meantime, she was pushing for a set of exercise themed stamps.  Here’s what she had to say about stamps:

A stamp may just be a small thing, but the images that are represented on them continue into the history of the US and are reminders of “Greatness” and key moments. There have been stamps with George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, the American Flag, the Capitol building, and even Abe Lincoln. But now this great tradition may be at an end as some people are looking to get a new stamp printed with the face of …Michelle Obama.

Michelle herself is pushing a range of stamps to promote her health and fitness regime…She is asking that stamps be redesigned to show children wearing correct safety gear.

Many people were hoping that when the Obama’s left the White House that we would hear no more from them. Unfortunately, they appear to be more in the limelight than ever; Barack’s Foundation spreading hate and division through paid protests that are designed to turn violent, Michelle’s school eating program that was not fit for purpose in the first place, they are everywhere!

The very least that we can do is to let the government know that we don’t want any more Barack and Michelle, and we certainly don’t want them on our stamps. Let us know what you think by completing our Poll.

The post office receives submissions for new stamps all of the time. Many of the ideas are immediately thrown out or deemed unacceptable by the public, while others are carefully reviewed and process.



Of course, the stamp aligns with Michelle’s agenda to push health and fitness, in hopes of helping people understand the importance of living a healthy life. These stamps have never made it into circulation, although they cost nearly $100,000 to print. The delay is due to the fact that some of the stamps show children who aren’t wearing appropriate safety gear.

Who do the Obamas think they are – we want to forget them not remember them!


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