POLL: Do You Agree that Trump Achieved Much in His First 100 Days Despite Receiving No Support from Republicans? -

POLL: Do You Agree that Trump Achieved Much in His First 100 Days Despite Receiving No Support from Republicans?

 Trump Just Released His 100 Day VIDEO & it’s Going VIRAL

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If the mainstream media was equitable in reporting Trump might not have gone this route.

However, CNN and their lot refuse to support any aspect of the new President. Trump won. He won fairly. He won soundly. America sought real change and their voice was heard.

So the least the cable channels and prime-time could do is acknowledge the President’s successes. But they won’t.

So Mr. Trump came out with his 100 day accomplishment ad. It’s not being self-aggrandizing. The president is merely letting America know what their vote has accomplished.

Clarifying the truth

Since MSM wants to lie at every turn or ignore the facts…the ad came to be.

Now CNN is refusing to air it. It was paid for and they have a responsibility to allow America to see it.

Maybe the FCC should investigate them for at minimum…a seditious mentality?

That’s ok. The message is still getting out there. The ad can be seen below.

Here are the 6 major points that the ad reflects:

  • Unleashing the Power of American Energy

  • Restoring Balance to the Supreme Court

  • Securing Our Border

  • Strengthening Our Military

  • Proposing Tax Reform for Economic Growth and Jobs

  • Working to End Reckless Trade Deals

The facts do not lie. Although liberals are doing everything they can to stop his momentum, Trump is gaining ground.

The people of this country will not be denied knowing what is happening with this new administration. Obama had the leftist media in the palm of his hand. That is why change came and Hillary lost. Americans were tired of his tyrannical hold.

Contact the media and viral this ad.

Let everyone you know be aware of this ad by President Trump. He is fulfilling his promises and looking out for the common good.

Something his predecessor had no intention of doing.

Do you feel Mr. Trump is fulfilling his promises? How do you feel about MSM obscuring what he has accomplished?


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