POLL: Do you agree our leaders should honor America's Christian Heritage? -

POLL: Do you agree our leaders should honor America’s Christian Heritage?


‘We Need Jesus More than Ever” by Vice President Mike Pence

Rarely does someone in public office lay bare their soul about their faith. It speaks to the character of an individual that has a moral value system. But when that individual steps out and starts to connect about his deep devotion to something…that speaks volumes.

POLL:  Do you agree our leaders should honor America’s Christian Heritage?

Vice President Mike Pence is such a man. He is a deeply convicted man of conscience and faith. That faith came through when he made a video describing his relationship with God and Jesus.

In the moving video, he said “My faith became my own when I made a personal decision to trust Jesus Christ in my freshman year in college. That night, my heart was literally broken wide with gratitude and joy. When I came to realize that what happened on the cross, in some small measure, happened for me.” and that “the truth is that the strength of our nation has come out of our communities of faith. Throughout our history, it has been the voices of faith that have driven our nation to a more perfect union.”

Mike Pence held nothing back about his concern for America and her future. His life backs up his words. It is an amazing video.

Not often does someone open the door to potential ridicule for showing forth his love for God and the need for Jesus in the lives of others. He is right when he says the “voices of faith” have moved this country.

One of President Lincoln’s own speeches made this statement, “”It is the duty of nations as well as of men to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God.”

A man deep in the despairs of a national crisis, the Civil War, testified of the importance of God in the lives of men. Many other esteemed leaders gave devotion to the Lord.

Most leaders of other nations do not subscribe to a similar mindset.

It says much about the man that President Trump selected as his running mate and now V.P.

How do you feel about someone that steps out to share his faith in Jesus? leave your comments below.

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