Obama Returns...He's Still DEPLORABLE -

Obama Returns…He’s Still DEPLORABLE

Obama is Officially Back to Being Obama, and it is DEPLORABLE…

Here’s what Obama was meddling with last week…

Obama is officially back to being Obama again. Now that he is taking a break from partying with billionaires on yachts, he is back to attempting to destroy the West one phone call at a time.

Obama has officially meddled in the French election, endorsing radical leftist candidate Emmanuel Macron.

While this is expected lowlife Obama behavior, and it enrages many across the political spectrum, history has shown us that this all but guarantees a good result for the right, so let him have at it!

My only hope is that the French, like the British and us Americans, have had enough of this nonsense, and will vote the right way.

Barack Obama has not only stuck his nose into the French election, but is cutting an ad for the globalist candidate Emmanuel Macron.

This comes after the Obama CIA was ordered to hack Marine Le Pen’s websites back in 2011 and 2012.

He is leading an open assault on any candidate that wants to make their Western nation great again. His agenda is to dismantle democracies and pave the way for radical Islamic terrorism to dominate the world. It is becoming more and more obvious everyday, as actions speak much louder than words.

Could you even imagine if Putin had cut ads for Donald Trump?

Meanwhile Democrats continue to whine about Russian interference in the US election, although no evidence has, or will ever surface regarding these fallacies.

Hillary complained about Russian interference again this week. This is becoming a comedy show, starring Hillary Clinton, and titled, “They’re Comey to Putin Me Away.” Only fools will believe anything she says at this point. Watch the comedy below:


The hypocrisy of the left knows no boundaries. Let’s get more of them out of office in the midterm elections, shall we?

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