NEWSBOOM!! South Korea REJECTS All Muslim ‘Refugees’- “We Prefer To Protect Our Women From Sexual Assault!” -

NEWSBOOM!! South Korea REJECTS All Muslim ‘Refugees’- “We Prefer To Protect Our Women From Sexual Assault!”


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A nation that loves its citizens does not put them in harm’s way. The EU set into a motion bringing in Muslim refugees that “supposedly” were escaping oppression. Maybe they were, but probably most wanted to simply to leave their homelands.

In the mix of these immigrants are people with less than quality character. Embedded within the flow of humanity are criminals, terrorists, and other unsavory scum.

SO is it any wonder that South Korea is refusing to accept any Muslim refugees. Even though the United Nations believes that all countries should be open borders to these transients, South Korea says no.

And no one can truly blame them. Many Syrian refugees apply to enter South Korea and are automatically shut down. Published in the Korea Observer, refugee status has only happened for three Syrians since 2014. That means they only have to keep an eye on three possible problem people.

Not thousands like EU countries such as Germany and France. The EU has exploded with violence and many women have faced assault and worse since the asylum seekers were welcomed.

As the Ministry of Justice in South Korea states, “Most of the Syrians have sought asylum on the grounds of civil war…However, civil war is not sufficient grounds for granting refugee status.”

As they put it, the stories coming out of Europe about Muslim attacks on innocent people has South Korea on high alert. The country values its people and refuses to put their women in harm’s way.

South Korea deals with enough internal issues without having refugees come in. The country has to focus on their own problems without adding to them.

How do you feel about South Korea’s choice to not admit refugees?

H/T: Norwegian Defence League

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