Norway BANS full-face veil in All schools! -

Norway BANS full-face veil in All schools!

There is no good reason for girls to have their faces covered in any public forum in countries that are not Muslim. In the Middle East, it is tolerated as that is the religion of the nations. But to think that Muslim women and girls should wear nijabs and other Islamic face coverings in western countries is wrong.

Admittedly, Norway is going about banning them with a mind towards better communication. But in reality it comes down to security. Historically, Islamic terrorists that are women can hide weapons and destructive devices under their burkas. Face coverings hide the identity.

But Norway is attempting to approach the ban from a more civil approach. Here is what they are doing.


The government of Norway has proposed a bill that would ban Muslim face coverings from all levels of educational institutions. According to their spokesperson, the ban is to promote better communication between students and teachers.

All party members of the government seem to be in full agreement that the ban is necessary.

Minister of Education and Research Torbjorn Roe Isaksen states:

“We do not want clothes covering the face in nurseries, schools and universities,” Minister of Education and Research Torbjorn Roe Isaksen said in a statement.

“These clothes prevent good communication, which is important for students to receive a good education,” he added.

The bill is a big step for the people of this nation. They have, like most in Europe, have had to live under daily threats of violence ever since the Muslim immigration. While liberals would have these people left alone, others that use common sense know the under-lying dangers existing with the Muslim community. Not all Muslims are violent jihadists, but enough exist that limitations need to be put into place.

The next few months will determine how well the bill moves along. There is a hope that by 2018, the ban could be in full effect.

Local communities have some exigent power to put controls on Muslim apparel wear. But a national approach is needed for the Islamic extremists to know how all of Norway feels.

Norwegian authorities will consult over the coming months with those who could be affected by the draft law.

Norwegian media reported the government can count on the support of most parties, saying the bill was expected to pass in the spring of 2018.

Local authorities in Norway already have the power to ban the veil in schools, however there is no uniform national policy. At this stage, the bill does not lay out consequences for disregarding the proposed law.

September 11 is when the bill is expected to be reviewed. The expectation is that there will be full support. The people of Norway need to have confidence in those they have elected to be their leaders. Other nations have to step-up and get behind similar legislation.

“Clothes covering the face, like the niqab and the burqa, have no place in Norwegian schools. It is a fundamental value to be able to communicate with each other,” Per Sandberg, interim minister of immigration and integration, said.

Sandburg nails it. If you cannot see who you are talking to, there is no real communication.

However, there is the deeper issue of getting the point across to the Islamic world…Norway is not going to have their way of life disturbed by ancient adornment or attitudes.

Feel Norway is doing the right thing with the ban?


Source: Yahoo

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