Muslims DEMAND: Don’t Walk Dogs In Public – Violation Of Sharia And Disrespectful To Us -

Muslims DEMAND: Don’t Walk Dogs In Public – Violation Of Sharia And Disrespectful To Us


Muslims hate dogs. It is part of their faith that dogs are unclean and have no business bring around a Muslim. So the citizens of Manchester, England are being pressed to leave their dogs indoors. That means the people of Islam want residents of this English community to not allow their dogs outdoors for walks or anything outside.

The history of this feeling goes all the way to Persia and their conquest by Muslims in 7th Century A.D. Ever since the law of SHaria has demanded that people not have or allow their dogs to be present around Muslims.

So now Manchester is facing the Muslim disdain. officials do not seem to want to insult their new Muslim immigrants. The Muslim population has grown considerably and are demanding that their feelings be taken into account in everyday life. Instead of assimilating into the existent culture of their hosts, Islam reacts and demands.

Islam feels that angels will not visit the home of a Muslim that allows dogs. So what are these ungrateful immigrants doing?

Look at this to see what Islam is doing.


In Manchester, pamphlets have been distributed by a group called Public Purity. They have demanded that Brits stop taking their dogs out in public as dogs are considered impure in the Islamic faith.

This picture shows a sample of the information being disseminated by Muslims.

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And the other side.

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Muslims are the one group that refuses to show deference, gratitude or compromise. Christians have faith but do not shove it down the throats of their hosts. Jews, Buddhists and Hindus also respect the culture and feelings of their hosts when they move somewhere. But not members of Islam.

It’s the Mohammed way or the fatal way by their actions.

Would you quietly bow to the wants of a people that have no respect for the ways of their new country? The people of UK need to tell these Muslims to shove it.

There have been reports of dog poisoning by Muslims. If they are found, they should be prosecuted. Send a message to the new members of their society. You are not going to disrupt or change the way we do things.



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