Muslim Refugee Tries to Intimidate Store Owner and Steal Wine...Until He Gets OWNED by Neighborhood Watch -

Muslim Refugee Tries to Intimidate Store Owner and Steal Wine…Until He Gets OWNED by Neighborhood Watch

This radical Muslim refugee got much more than he expected in an episode of sweet justice delivered by the local neighborhood watch group.

Here’s a feel good story to end the week.

Citizens of Germany and other countries who are being invaded by mostly young Muslim male “refugees” are going to need to band together, like this “neighborhood watch group” to stop out of control crime that’s being committed in local communities.

This refugee doesn’t want to pay in a supermarket and doesn’t want to give back 2 bottles of wine to one of the supermarket employees. Instead, he argues and argues and argues in his native language and holds tight to the 2 bottles.  The supermarket employees tell the refugee thief multiple times to hand over the 2 bottles. He refuses.

Someone tells the employees to call the police and the female one answers that the police was already at the store 2 times that day.
Then a couple of Germans from a local neighborhood watch group enter the store.   They take away the bottles from the refugee thief and try to throw the him out of the store until the refugee gets physical and catches some well-deserved punches.

One of the germans or more yell: “Huh?! What do you want from me? Huh! What do you want from me?! Pigs! Get out of here! Pigs! Piss off.”

The woman at the end says: “It’s sad that we need to rely on a neighborhood watch group”. Via: Live Leak


As the two men from the neighborhood watch physically intervened and dragged the refugee out of the store, a woman was heard to say, “It’s sad that we need to rely on a neighborhood watch group.”

Take a good look at this situation that has become commonplace in Europe. This is what our so called previous President has brought into poison our country. Then he planned to bring 250,000 more of with the help of Kerry and Hilary before he leaves office.

Wake up America, It is time for change.  We need to expose these snakes for who they really are and educate the public about Islam’s true plan for the West.  Let’s take action before it is too late.

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