Hannity Leaks This Republican Senator's Worst Nightmare on Live TV, After THIS Senator Stabs Trump in The Back -

Hannity Leaks This Republican Senator’s Worst Nightmare on Live TV, After THIS Senator Stabs Trump in The Back

Never Trumpers are undoubtedly one of the least significant, yet one of the most annoying, groups currently battling President Trump’s “America First” agenda.

Among the few remaining in the sorry excuse for an anti-Trump group is a Senator named Jeff Flake.

These people are worse than the liberal Democrats in a way, because at the very least you know that their agenda is to obstruct. With these so-called Republican Never Trumpers, they will pounce on any opportunity to sabotage the President from within his party after laying dormant and waiting for the right opportunity for quite some time.

They are not to be trusted, and should be voted out. Especially Senator Flake.

According to Subject Politics:

Senator Jeff Flake betrayed President Trump and the Republican Party on Monday, launching a brutal attack on the President. Flake went even farther than Democrats, accusing Trump of secretly working with evil dictators.

After this shocking betrayal, Sean Hannity went on Live TV and exposed him for who he REALLY is. (Video Below)

Hannity said that Flake has always been a Never-Trumper, but now he is becoming an enemy of the American people. Flake is blocking Trump from enacting the policies millions of Americans voted for in Trump.

This is all an effort by Flake to promote his new book, “Conscious of a Conservative,” and replace Trump as the “leader” of the party. His book copies the title of Barry Goldwater’s famous 1964 book. Now, even the ghost-writer of that book, Brent Bozell, is calling Sen. Flake for being a fraud.

Watch the despicable Senator in action in the video below, as seen on Fox News TV Show Hannity:

Brent Bozell released a statement immediately after the story broke, exposing Flake for the utter fraud that he is:

We the people need to wake up and see these snakes for who they really are, and we need to take action and vote them out as soon as we can!

They are against the agenda of the American people!

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H/T: Subject Politics

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