GWU Law Professor Suggests Tracking Devices Be Placed On All Refugees Until The Ban Is Upheld -

GWU Law Professor Suggests Tracking Devices Be Placed On All Refugees Until The Ban Is Upheld

This is certainly a stroke of ingenuity, folks!

What a truly wonderful idea, to completely bypass this liberal lunatic, Justice Robart, a social justice warrior in a robe.

Something has to be done about the refugee crisis in America and the West as a whole, and President Trump is well aware of it.

This George Washington Law professor is a smart man, indeed. What he is proposing will allow, at a minimum, the Federal government to keep track of potential terrorists infiltrating our communities and societies.

If they have no papers, we cannot vet them, liberals let them in anyway, and are going to obstruct our President’s efforts to keep us safe, than he needs to do whatever he can in his power to implement some sort of security measure until the ban takes effect. This would work wonders, without a hint of doubt.

From Washington Examiner:

President Trump and his Justice Department are being urged to go slow on appealing a court’s rejection of their travel ban and follow Germany’s example and put GPS ankle bracelets on visitors from the seven targeted nations until a final decision is made.

A prominent legal expert said that the administration should wait to appeal until Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch gets to the court, giving Trump a 5-4 majority and in the meantime put the tracking devices on any refugee or visitor.

“Going to the Supreme Court now could result in a widely predicted 4-4 decision,” warned George Washington University Law Professor John Banzhaf.

But, now that Justice Gorsuch is in fact in the Supreme Court, which could possibly be the single greatest accomplishment of the young Trump presidency, there is more hope that things will get expedited, and the ban will pass.

I still say we should slap ankle bracelets on them in the meantime.

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via: Washington Examiner

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