After Learning Congress Is EXEMPT From Obamacare, Mike Pence Issues Ultimate Threat… -

After Learning Congress Is EXEMPT From Obamacare, Mike Pence Issues Ultimate Threat…

Our Vice President has spoken on the issue of healthcare.

One of the biggest and hottest debate topics anywhere this past week is the question of whether or not members of Congress should be bound to the same healthcare options we the American people are limited to.

Basically, people everywhere are saying that Congress should not be exempt from Obamacare, and should have to live with it just like the rest of us.

Since when should members of Congress be exempt from anything that we have to deal with? Do they not represent us, and have they not been elected to do so? Where is the incentive to change anything if the members of Congress do not have to bear the burden as well?

This goes against any logic out there, and Vice President Mike Pence realizes this.

Our Vice President has had it with Obamacare, and he has also had it with Congress doing nothing about it.

Again, why should they if they don’t have to live with it themselves? What is the point in having a representative if they are not going to represent you?

VP Pence knows this is how Americans feel, because he goes out there and listens. As a result, he has just threatened to take away Congress’s special “exempt” healthcare, which will bring them back to reality quicker than you think.


Vice President Mike Pence stated during his address that the administration of President Trump intends to keep its promise to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

Watch the entire interview in all of its glory here:

What do you think? Is our Vice President doing an amazing job or what?

I hope he does take away their healthcare option, so that they have to taste the bitter reality of ObamaCare every single day until they do something about it.

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