According To Jeff Bridges, Illegals Shouldn’t Receive Social Security and The Numbers Back Him Up -

According To Jeff Bridges, Illegals Shouldn’t Receive Social Security and The Numbers Back Him Up

At least one Hollywood celebrity has his head screwed on straight.

Patriot and American film star Jeff Bridges commented on the issue of illegals receiving handouts, taking a logical yet bold stance, considering the fact that Hollywood elitists are Communist sympathizers.

He said exactly what all Americans are thinking: Illegal aliens shouldn’t be receiving Social Security benefits.

I mean, think about it. Social Security is a system, a fund, that American taxpayers pay into in order to receive some (not much) financial security in retirement.

Would you let anyone and everyone who comes to your house dip into your personal savings account or your 401(k)?

The answer is no, so why should we let illegals receive OUR benefits that WE pay for?

Where is the logic in that?

Allowing illegals to benefit from free handouts is an incentive for them to come here illegally in the first place!


Hardworking, tax-paying Americans have said that enough is enough.

According to DB:

American acting legend Jeff Bridges has finally come out and said what every other American was thinking: Illegal immigrants should not be receiving social security.

It’s widely known in the United States that the Social Security Administration rakes in billions of dollars in charges that it can’t attach to a name – because they don’t know who paid it!

Whenever businesses send off W-2s with Social Security numbers that don’t match anyone on federal record, the Social Security Administration must then file those papers in an Earnings Suspense File, where the documents will sit until an individual can prove that the reported wages are theirs – thus granting that individual the ability to collect retirement benefits later down the road.

That Earnings Suspense File is reported to contain tax documents dating all the way back to 1937, and those documents are tied to expenses paid on about $1.3 trillion in wages.

While a number of those files can be blamed on individuals who changed their names after marriage, and others are likely just individuals who filed incorrectly.

Since 2014 the Social Security Administration has actually be able to track down these lost individuals and return 171 million tax documents to their rightful proprietors.

Yet there remains about 340 million tax documents unclaimed and recorded by the Social Security Administration, as opposed to the 270 million they held just ten years ago.

Government officials believe illegal immigrants are to blame for a very large chunk of these numbers, with the boom in migration mushrooming the number of unclaimed or unmatched tax documents held by the Social Security Administration.

And hard-working American taxpayers don’t want to be robbed anymore.

While our Social Security system is clearly broken, thanks mostly to the corruption of the Democrats and their anti-American policies, there should be no excuse nor any reason for illegals to be receiving taxpayer-funded handouts and live out their lives as freeloaders on our dime. Enough is enough!

More and more patriotic Americans are standing up and saying exactly what Jeff Bridges said.

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