MAJOR BLUNDER: Bill Clinton’s Former Adviser Slipped Up & Confessed The Unthinkable About Russia -

MAJOR BLUNDER: Bill Clinton’s Former Adviser Slipped Up & Confessed The Unthinkable About Russia

The mainstream media cannot find legitimate news, or refuses to show it, about President Trump. They are on this merry-go-round of seeking to place him with Russians trying to tamper with the 2016 elections.

Libs want to do nothing worthy of their time but seek to make this President out to be a fraud. The man is trying to undo the calamities of Obama and set us on a smart path. But CNN and that gang of cutthroats will not work for “making America great again.” But what communist minded organization would?

But Bill Clinton’s own former advisor said what america always knows. Russia had nothing to do with Trump winning the election. On the contrary. According to Michael Caputo, Clinton’s boy, Russia would have preferred Hillary.

She would have been easy to sway and predict.

Caputo was speaking with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson when he spilled the beans about Russia and Clinton. Caputo categorically stated that his former boss, Bill Clinton, sent him to Russia in 1993. His secret mission was to have an affect on the Russian elections.

As to Russia wanting to tilt the  scale to trump’s favor in 2016…no way. Caputo acknowledges that Putin would have preferred Hillary. Donald Trump has too much integrity and would have been a pain in Russia’s derriere.

These are the words from a confirmed liberal and Clinton team player. Lefties will be hard pressed to push on this.

Catch the video for yourself.

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