The Left's Campaign Of Terror Is Just Beginning -

The Left’s Campaign Of Terror Is Just Beginning



You need to be prepared.  The left is in full revolution mode, and there’s nothing they won’t do to disrupt the country in order to impose their will.

 From The Stream :

A few months back, I wondered aloud here why campus leftists would invite fellow students to bite the heads off fetus cookies. Or what purpose was served by hanging a Jesus dartboard in a dorm. The answer I found was simple. And alarming.

The left in America is engaged in what Catholic philosopher Thomas Molnar called “cultural terrorism.” As someone who survived both a Nazi concentration camp and post-war Stalinist Hungary, Molnar knew whereof he spoke. And the post-election actions of America’s left, from the streets of major cities to the halls of Congress itself, come straight from the radical playbook of Saul Alinsky and his disciples (which included both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton).

Cultural terrorism is designed to work much like the bombs-and-bullets variety, using words and symbols instead. Its objectives, laid out in Molnar’s classic, The Counter-Revolution, are

  • To shatter the sense of normalcy, peace, and civic order that make it possible to live a middle-class existence in a free society.
  • To profane the sacred spaces and shatter the pious conventions that hold citizens together by wholesome inertia.
  • To introduce division, fear, distrust, and ethnic groupthink — whatever it takes to detach people from their natural deference to legitimate, elected authority.
  • To produce a sense of crisis, in which radical ideologies and rash actions seem no longer off the table, but somehow proportionate and maybe even necessary.


When radical activists encourage thousands of ghetto residents to block public roads, and cossetted students to mock and defy police, they are attacking the sense of predictable public order. When protestors gather outside the Trump International Hotel in our nation’s capital holding a sign that says “Rape Melania,” they are asking for a street fight with Trump supporters — or really, any passerby possessed of a sense of decency. The leaders who organize these outrages are hoping that something gets violent and ugly — that an outraged (white) motorist runs somebody down, or a stressed-out cop (of any color) starts shooting civilians. All that would feed into and verify their manufactured emergency, give millions more citizens the false impression that we are approaching martial law.

This is classic revolutionary playbook, the kind Obama was so well versed in.  More:

If that sounds outrageous and implausible to you, keep in mind the Clintonite mantra “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Remember that Wikileaks revealed the fact that a senior Clinton campaign staffer hoped that mass shooters would turn out to be white Christians. Recall that the riots in 1968 that handed vast cultural power to the radical left in West Germany were started when a policeman shot a student. Decades later, it turned out that the policeman was in fact an East German spy, who probably acted on orders to light the spark for revolution.

What does it mean when the losers in an election announce that the winner is “Not My President”? When reporters give millions of dollars in free publicity to a contemptible fringe figure like white nationalist Richard Spencer, who played no role whatsoever in the election of Donald Trump? (The Communist Party, USA endorsed Hillary Clinton. Had she won, would the media have featured its leader in alarmist photo spreads?) What does it signify when Trump’s newly-elected Vice President cannot even attend a Broadway show without being challenged and humiliated? When the next president’s appointees (such as Steve Bannon and Sen. Jeff Sessions) are subject to a non-stop campaign of lies and vilification as racists and extremists, outside the bounds of decent society and therefore ineligible for office?

Yes, what does it signify?  For these people, leftist politics has become their new religion. It’s impossible to overstate how dangerous these people are to our way of life.

Read the whole thing at The Stream

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