Kellyanne Unleashes EPIC TROLL that Silences Whining Hillary -

Kellyanne Unleashes EPIC TROLL that Silences Whining Hillary


Ms Hillary Clinton. Besides America, Do YOU ever get tired of your repetitive whining? Really now!

You lost in November. You played the game…cowardly through most of it. Yet you insist on staying in the public forefront.

Most candidates that lose any kind of election stay quiet. They know they lost and concede congenial defeat.

But not Clinton. She has to blame her loss on everyone but herself. She reminds one of Obama. He also deflected responsibility off of himself. It must be a liberal trait. Point the finger away from their own person.

Too much, too often…now the she gets slammed

Hillary cast blame the other night. She said she lost because of Russian collusion, FBI Director Mike Comey and Wikileaks. Not once did she state she held the short straw of blame.

It’s a wonder Bill didn’t get her tirade for the loss. Lord knows she sent her viral spew everywhere else.

But Kellyanne Conway was having none of it. Trump’s current Counselor in the White House gave both barrels to Bill’s wife.

Conway went on Twitter to remind Hillary where the blame was for her loss. What she wrote was tremendous…and spot on.

Ms Conway signed it “Woman in the White House.” That was an epic slam to the candidate that can’t leave things alone.

It goes to show that Hillary did not want to champion causes and represent the people of United States. She desired to be a carry-over of Obama policies.

By being mouthy months later, Hillary sought only to remind people she is far from gone. That is what happens with liberals. They lose respect for the people and seek only personal glory.

Well Conway showed Hillary what sort of woman she truly is. The real “woman in the White House” staked her claim. Hillary has been owned.


H/T Daily Caller

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