Imam is FURIOUS After Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne BANS First Sharia Law Court in US -

Imam is FURIOUS After Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne BANS First Sharia Law Court in US


No American should be surprised or upset with what this Texas mayor did recently. She did what people of conscience and patriotism should do. An attempt to establish a Sharia Court was stopped in its tracks.

The Honorable Mayor Beth Van Duyne did what any lover of this country should and would do if in her place. According to the US Herald, this plucky mayor established a precedent and “banned the nation’s first Sharia Court.”

Her actions in her town of Irving, Texas, was a slap in the face of Islam. Too bad it passed by a small margin of 5-4. “Irving has a serious libtard problem on their hands because this should have been unanimous,” according to the Herald. Yeah, no kidding. The people of this community should remove the cowardly four right away.

And it is no surprise that Muslims feel deep anger for her decision. For one, any lawyer in a Sharia Court is officially licensed. Any goat keeper could administer representation in their joke courts.

“Sharia law dictates that if American Law or any other “law” disagrees with Islamic Law, they will follow the Sharia,” again in the US Herald. You do not come to America and attempt to overthrow our course of jurisprudence with foreign law.

Mayor Van Duyne has started a course of action that needs to be pursued by her counterparts elsewhere. Liberals, of course, will try to block such actions as being “intolerant.”

Will they feel the same if they are the ones facing a Sharia Court? Very doubtful. The nature of Islam precludes any form of leniency towards anyone, including those that might protect Sharia. Muslims do not remember their so-called allies. They simply apply their “Mohammedism” on anyone they feel is an infidel.

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