HUGE!! Here's What Trump’s $20 TRILLION Bombshell Means for U.S. Jobs…America is BACK! -

HUGE!! Here’s What Trump’s $20 TRILLION Bombshell Means for U.S. Jobs…America is BACK!

If you want to see a liberal cry, show them how wrong they are about something. In the case of President Trump, liberal tears are flowing.

(Love saying this.) Case in point.

President Trump’s work on the US economy since taking office has been phenomenal. The effects of his work have been growing the economy and improving the job market. In fact, the overall impact hasn’t been seen like this since Reagan.

Leftists have said his agenda would drive the middle class into single digits. They also claimed his policies would benefit the wealthy only. The record shows differently.

Sorry, Obama fan club…Trump is taking you to school once again.

Overall effect

The military is starting to see a re-birth in morale and growth. Cuts, where needed, are being applied. Lowering of taxes is happening. Everything a liberal hates, Trump is making happen. In other words, he is fulfilling his campaign promises to “drain the swamp” of D.C.

Know what a “boon” is? It is a spike or growth in the economy. President Trump has inspired a boon in the economy and in patriotism. Obama regulations that were hampering industry and small businesses are being rescinded. That means jobs are growing.




Wall Street is showing a turn-around. The Trump Effect is inspiring investment back into the economy.

Case in point again.


U.S. equity indexes hit record highs on Monday, with the benchmark S&P 500’s market value topping $20 trillion as investors bet tax cuts promised by President Donald Trump would boost the economy.

Rumors are flying that the president is soon to release news about a major tax plan.


One thing President Trump has refused to do is sit still and not move forward. He has been meeting with industry leaders to improve their positioning to help the economy grow. High-profile meetings mean that changes are in the works for continued economic signs of life.


According to Patriot Journal:

Even left-leaning companies are eager to meet with Trump and discuss the future. His promise to cut taxes and renegotiate trade deals are clear signs that American workers will be put first.

This kind of leadership will only help our economy. For years we’ve had presidents–both liberal and conservative–who for whatever reason put our people last.

They brokered terrible deals with foreign nations to give them our jobs, just so big businesses could save a little money.

The end result was a working class deprived of good jobs, a middle class floundering, and the pride of an entire nation diminished.

How long has it been since our products said “Made in the U.S.A.”?

Because of Trump’s aggressive goal of rebuilding our nation, we will be seeing more stories like this in the coming years. The left will try to ignore them, but the fact remains: Trump is putting America back to work.

Trump is blowing the minds of liberals and they hate it. Tell people you know on Facebook how Trump is paving the way for economic prosperity once again.

Source: Reuters

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