Hey Taxpayers: College Students Are Escalating Demands For SPECIAL Perks -

Hey Taxpayers: College Students Are Escalating Demands For SPECIAL Perks

Not going to debate the merits of special groups asking or demanding for their own needs. There is none to debate. Everyone has a right to seek change through the voting process or reasonable dialog with the convening authorities.

When one goes to college, the process should be you abide by the rules that are in place. Activism is the biggest pitfall of higher education. The university or college sets the rules. If one chooses to attend a certain campus, that new student (in a truly democratic venue) obeys the rules and does their studies.

But these days it is more fashionable to open one’s mouth and demand for certain rights and privileges. Thus Luthor College in Minnesota is facing this type of activism from Muslim students. They want a bunch of things that only can be used by their faith, and for free.

One such joke on their part is free shuttle service to a mosque that is an hour and a half away from campus. The Masjed Al-Siddiq mosques in Rochester, Minnesota is the one they are speaking about. This means they want preferential treatment at taxpayer expense.

Many immigrant Muslims have become the most insidious and ridiculous group of people in regards to their choices. The sad thing is liberals support them in their push for special privileges.


The University of Maryland was the stage for a recent list of stupid demands by Muslim students. Now Luthor College is seeing the same arrogance on behalf of a minority group.


According to Campus Reform:

A group referred to as “‘Concerned Students’ at Luther College in Minnesota has issued demands for various social justice initiatives, including a free bi-monthly special service only for Muslims.”

Some of these are standard leftist fare “such as gender-neutral restrooms, hiring ‘more faculty and staff of color,’ and establishing ‘a comprehensive racial and ethnic awareness and inclusion curriculum.’”

Then there is this offensive demand:

‘Establish and fund a bi-monthly shuttle service for students to visit the Masjid Abubakr Al-Siddiq in Rochester, MN, free of charge,’ states one such request, referring to a mosque that is located an hour and a half away from campus.”

Lest you think this is an isolated instance, note that:

“…this comes on the heels of a story in late March at Columbia University where Muslim students are demanding a full-time religious advisor and a permanent prayer space accessible during academic breaks.”

A ready made prayer space? Do all campuses offer chapels for their students that are Christian? Probably not.

Islam is not the religion of peace that it is made out to be. There are good people that are Muslim, but the religion itself is based upon a book that seeks the total destruction of anyone not willing to convert. It follows the tenets of a mad man that lived thousands of years ago.

How do you feel about the Luther College being told to bend or else?

Sources: Mad World NewsCampus Reform

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