Here's What Happens When the US Military is UNLEASHED...ISIS Didn't Anticipate This Doom -

Here’s What Happens When the US Military is UNLEASHED…ISIS Didn’t Anticipate This Doom

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Remember the moment of glory that was the Mother of All Bombs unleashing hell on ISIS terrorists? It gets better!

You might have heard the news this week: Fox News toured the site where the Mother of All Bombs destroyed miles of tunnels used by ISIS terrorists in eastern Afghanistan.

The piles and mounds of rubble seen here explain it all! These were once sophisticated entrances into a complex tunnel system used to smuggle money, weapons, drugs, and even human slaves of the Islamic State. Now it is a tomb for nearly 100 members of ISIS.

Thank goodness we no longer have a spineless leader, but a real AMERICAN who will put his money where his mouth is!

Despite all of the winning, liberals continue to relentlessly attack President Trump, his agenda, and his administration. While approval ratings for the MOAB strike are sky high, as it is difficult to argue that terrorism needs to be wiped out, some hardline leftists are even against this awesome display of force! Unbelievable!

Are we supposed to feel bad now for the terrorists? That bomb should’ve leveled the whole area in my opinion. These savages despise the West, and they feel nothing but enthusiasm and joy when plotting to kill, and when actually succeeding at murdering innocent Westerners.

Today’s political correct society will be the destruction of civilization as we know it if we are not careful! I say kill them all and put an end to this insanity.

From Fox News:

With lush sprawling green meadows and grazing cattle surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the scene could be any idyllic spring countryside. But look a little closer and the scorched trees signal something far from idyllic, the results of detonating the largest non-nuclear bomb the U.S has ever used in combat. 

Photos obtained by Fox News in Afghanistan taken less than two weeks after the strategically targeted explosion of the Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb to destroy ISIS fighters and their underground tunnels in Eastern Afghanistan’s Achin district of Nanganhar province show just how devastating the munition is.

“The war is still going on near the site,” Karim Amini, a local TOLO News journalist who toured the site, told Fox News. “[The destruction] was wide, but how deep the MOAB went was not clear as it dived into the earth and blew out the tunnels which you can’t see.”

I say that, as long as a single terrorist still exist, I’m ready for a few more of those bad boys to be dropped.

Watch the tour of the site in the RAW footage below, courtesy of Fox News, and let us know what you think!

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