Frustrated British Man Confronts BBC with Evidence FROM Mosque of Manchester Bomber [VIDEO] -

Frustrated British Man Confronts BBC with Evidence FROM Mosque of Manchester Bomber [VIDEO]


This is awesome, folks.

During a broadcast of the BBC’s Question Time, a frustrated Briton confronted the panel and Muslim apologists in the audience with a pamphlet he was allegedly given at the mosque attended by the Manchester bomber’s family.

“Anybody who’s prepared to do the sort of things that we’ve seen recently in terms of radical Islamic terrorism,” the man began, “there is something wrong with the basic ideology.”

“I think the problem comes from the mosques,” he continued.

“I’ve got something that I want to read you which actually came from Didsbury Mosque. Because I spent my time actually doing some research.”

“This is a leaflet that I was given on an open day,” he continued before beginning to read:

“‘Living in a society in which people have accepted Western lifestyle as their way of life brings immorality to every step. Modesty, shame and honor have no place in Western civilization.’”

“That is direct from Didsbury Mosque. That was given in a very expensive package with DVDs – and this is from a charity. And that is what Muslims are listening to.”

A Muslim audience member proceeded to defend the Muslim community, stating she has attended Didsbury Mosque for 30 years and it’s a great multicultural place, blah, blah.

“I think two lines taken out of context about Didsbury Mosque is unfair,” she insisted.

Remarkably, another Muslim woman in the audience countered the first’s statement, declaring that, yes, people are being taught radical ideology in mosques.

The audience member, that ordinary British man, speaks more sense than anyone in Parliament. All the MPs, and the MSM, do is lie, cover up, pretend, take the money, etc. Islam IS the problem. Mass Islamic immigration IS the problem.

It doesn’t require complex thinking or tangled laws and loopholes, the two problems need to be ended in the West. Let the Middle East be Islamic if it chooses, the West should never become so, nor should it ever make compromises for that ideology.

The man who spoke the truth and the Muslim woman who was brave enough to suggest shutting down ALL mosques financed by Wahhabist Saudi Arabia should be given 24/7 police protection. And the Wahhabist lying witch should be taken into custody and deported.

There is only one way to interpret the Qu’ran and that would be to look at the life of Mohammed. He is closest to ISIS than anything else, he personally murdered in cold blood, he was a slaver and a p*dophile, he was a brutal man and probably mad. This is true Islam, the moderates do just enough to not attract fatwahs. They are lazy westernized Muslims, thank God for small mercies.

The bottom line here is: If Mosques are teaching Radical crap to the Muslims attending, then Mosques should have no place in Western Culture.

Source: BBC

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