FLASHBACK: CNN Reported “Trump Won’t Be Welcome In Muslim Countries” ...Oh Really? (VIDEO) -

FLASHBACK: CNN Reported “Trump Won’t Be Welcome In Muslim Countries” …Oh Really? (VIDEO)

Liberals need to take note. Trump bowed to a king to receive a medallion honor. Not like Obama who did it to simply show America as subservient. But enough about that part of the story.

President Trump visited Saudi Arabia and was received with incredible fanfare by King Salman and his nation. The President facing hostility by some anger at home was warmly welcomed in this Arab nation.


CNN made a claim a year ago that Trump would never make it into a Muslim land if he were to become President. Guess what home of leftist rhetoric…He was in one this past weekend. If memory serves, Saudi Arabia is a ‘Muslim” nation.

And of course liberals are biting their nails over Trump’s warm welcome and celebratory treatment. Watch this video to see what was said before.

President Trump met with King Salman and received a literal royal welcome. CNN , you must be sad to see another of your ‘fake news’ articles hit the floor. Don’t be upset. You are still batting 000.

CNN and other mainstream hack jobs foam at the mouth over their news going south. Caplan tweeted it perfectly. Trump not only welcomed but receives a huge award. That speaks to the President’s policy of honesty not overshadowing protocol.

Socialists cannot handle seeing this man do as well as he is doing. They want him to fail and flail. Instead he is running high and tall…not on pride but on doing what’s right.

Do you think Trump is holding his own around the world?

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