FINALLY, Cops Deal Justice to ANTIFA COWARDS! ... [VIDEO] -


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Police officers, forced to deal with the worst of the worst while the liberal snowflake protests rage in cities across America, have had ENOUGH.

In this week’s latest cowardly, un-American display of thuggery and liberal temper tantrums, an ANTIFA masked scumbag in a Los Angeles protest was arrested after burning an American flag. Police said you can’t start a fire in public.

Finally, we get an arrest for this heinous crime. I still think that it is not enough, as it might discourage these cowardly, lowlife displays of anti-patriotism, but it most probably will not stop it completely.

It would’ve been epic if the officer had shot the group with those smoke grenades.

That said, what police officers across the country are forced to go through these days, especially in liberal backwards areas like the entire state of California, is despicable.  They are being told to stand down and let these juvenile tantrums occur. I’m thrilled they now have a reason, to, at the very least, stop these thugs from burning our flag on our own streets!

I know that a lot of police officers are conservative, and many are veterans. I have a feeling that they are getting tired of having to protect these type of people, so, I think, and hope, that more of this will happen.

These people spew hate about the police and this country, yet demand and expect to be protected by them and to be able to use the police as a shield against anyone standing up against them.

They just can’t seem to figure out they’re hurting the cause they’re trying to promote through these behaviors, and more and more people realize how idiotic they are each day.

Keep up the great work Antifa, you’re alienating people in your own group, and driving them away from the liberal agenda on a daily basis, while making yourself look like immature fools.

These jerks need to be held accountable for their actions just like everyone else in America. We need more of this!

Masked cowards! It is time to stop this violence and rioting once and for all.

Watch the video below. Can we get a triple sentence for the American Flag at least?? Thoughts?

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