Facts on Billboard Cause MASSIVE Controversy in Small Southern Town [VIDEO] -

Facts on Billboard Cause MASSIVE Controversy in Small Southern Town [VIDEO]

If a message is true, then where is the problem? September 11, 2001, did see an attack happen that nearly killed 3,000 Americans. This attack was committed by 19 Muslim immigrants. Please show what the problem is?

However, for some in this North Carolina community, the presence of a billboard stating these facts is causing them undue angst. Exactly what the sign reads is;

Why support President Trump’s Immigration Ban? 19 MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS KILLED 2,977 AMERICANS September 11, 2001”

That apparently causes emotional wedgies for some folks in the community where the billboard resides. Their concern is that although the facts are there, the tone of the sign is divisive. This author has seen that sign having recently driven down that stretch of road.

Personally, the sign was not offensive in any way. If anything, it reminds one that of what happened those 16 years ago. This country was attacked and the Islamic radical threat is very much alive.

But there are those that claim the sign attacks all Muslims. But even regular members of the faith know that radicals exist within their ranks. All the billboard does is quantify what happened, to whom and by whom.

Would the President’s current travel ban halt the attacks on 9/11? There are many that feel that yes it would have curtailed much of the carnage that occurred. For one some of the countries listed in the ban are home to some of those that attacked that day.

But that isn’t the issue. The facts are facts and should be seen as such. You cannot call it a slight on the 1st Amendment. The sign states nothing that cannot be verified. So free speech protections must allow the sign to remain.


So is the sign contrary t any biblical teachings? Some in this Bible region feel the sign carries a tone that makes it hard to reach unbelievers. They feel the billboard message is contrary to anything that God teaches.

How so? The sign is sponsored by the North Carolina Pastor’s Network. So are these men of God that support the sign not Christian? They might be insulted to be accused of such.



Those that disagree with the sign use language such as the sign carries a “hate message” or “contradicts biblical teaching.” Again how. Yes, we are to love the unbeliever and strive to reach them for Jesus. But honestly…how does this sign work against the Bible? All it does is report the facts.

The sign says nothing about taking up arms or directing people to harm anyone. It simply reads a message.

Or are we to become Obamanesque and simply state the attack was “workplace violence?”


What about you? Do you find this billboard on Interstate 40 in North Carolina to be offensive?


H/T: US Herald

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