EXPOSED: Franken Scandal Rocks Washington! -

EXPOSED: Franken Scandal Rocks Washington!

One Democrat senator was just exposed as a monster – nothing new there, but still.

This is creating a hurricane in the Democrat Party – and this is just the start.

There are many Democrats who have gotten away with worse than this.  Congress has secretly paid out multi-millions to hush these kind of crimes against women.  But at last the day of judgement has come.  We expect an avalanche of sleaze to come out. stay tuned.

This kind of blatant hypocrisy is nothing new for Franken.  Recall how he treated the Secretary of Education with such disdain.

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) was a particularly viscous critic of Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education – Betsy Devos. Recall that she is a crusader for kids stuck in horrible public schools.  She has dedicated her life to trying to improve education for these kids. It’s an uphill battle that requires some thinking outside the box.

Instead of a fair and honest hearing of her views, Senator Frankin decided to get on his soapbox and demean Ms. DeVos in any way he could.

Here’s the most blatant case of double standards on this issue you’ll ever see, and the man who is behind it won’t surprise you one bit.  We don’t want to insult your intelligence, so instead of having you listen to this bag of wind just skip to about the 2:50 spot where he begin his display of shocking hypocrisy:


So who could have predicted that Franken sent his own kids to a $45,000-per-year private school in New York City, NY?  Pretty much anyone who pays attention to Democrats.  They all do it.  They don’t want their kids anywhere near the public schools that they say are good enough for our kids.

 Here’s more from PJ:

One early February, Franken took to the Senate floor to oppose DeVos’ nomination as Secretary of Education. He criticized DeVos for apparently not having sent any of her four children to public schools, implying that this diminished her qualifications for the role of education secretary: “She has never sent a child to a public school.”

The Daily Caller says Franken’s children attend the Dalton School, which has been described at “uber-exclusive” and “upper crust.” Franken himself attended a Protestant charter school called Blake.

But Franken doesn’t want other Americans to have the opportunities he did. The left pretends to care about the common man but their actions speak louder than words. What they care about most is maintaining their lofty position in society then handing down their privileges to their own children, but no one else’s.

It’s just like with healthcare.  They have set up their own plans for themselves and their staffers and Americans have no access to them.  They always insulate themselves from the consequences of the laws they pass.

It would be welcome indeed if Trump could shame them into living under the laws they pass.

Via: PJ

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