EXCLUSIVE!! What Muslims REALLY Must Do Before It's TOO LATE -

EXCLUSIVE!! What Muslims REALLY Must Do Before It’s TOO LATE


While the fake-news-obsessed mainstream media is leveraging and perpetuating the lie that refugees don’t pose a terroristic threat, the facts show otherwise.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions compiled a list of refugees-turned-jihadists in 2016, while Obama was pushing to dramatically increase the amount of so-called “refugees” allowed into the United States. Twenty “vetted” refugees turned to violent jihad, to terrorism, after being allowed into America.

The barrage of anguished news stories and protests as a result of President Trump’s executive action temporarily suspending “immigrants and non-immigrants” from “countries of particular concern” is part of a well-coordinated PR effort funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros. Rather than a sweeping, comprehensive and total “Muslim ban” as promised during his campaign, President Trump’s executive order contains moderate refugee restrictions, similar to those that had been put in place by ex-President Obama during his term.

The first executive order applied even to green-card holders, which was an unfortunate misapplication of the law that was swiftly corrected in the more recent, revised order. Reportedly, pro-open-borders Leftist George Soros has provided at least $76 million for immigrant issues over approximately the past decade, as Soros-funded “immigrant rights groups” helped influence President Obama’s immigration policies. This has indoctrinated the left, brainwashing our youth and others to believe that blind acceptance and inclusion is needed in the world at all costs.

Let me ask this: if someone proved to you that, in a machine holding 100 gumballs, 10 to 15 of them were poisoned, and would kill you, would you grab a handful or two?

Liberals, spare me the politically correct cartwheels of answers you might have memorized from the Occupy Democrats sites, and let’s stick to the facts. The truth here is, and it is a VERY unfortunate truth, that Muslims are in dire need of an ideological reformation that can only happen from within the Muslim communities themselves. This must happen and happen very soon if they are to save the soul of their religion. Enough is enough.

Islam is comprised of the book of religion and the book of law, or the rules, which create a sort of lifestyle or ideology that, when interpreted the way Muslims currently do, can be extremely violent, intolerant, dangerous, and deadly. The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) has produced nothing but destruction, chaos and sectarianism. Most of their victims are Shiite Muslims, and even fellow Sunni Muslims, as they are equal opportunity butchers with one simple message: convert to our version of the religion or die. With its strategy of terror, it has spread swiftly across parts of eastern Syria and north and central Iraq.

This is a political movement, designed to exploit weak areas with power vacuums, and as long as the status quo remains in the region, with clerics and imams condemning the movements verbally, but doing nothing more to offer concrete resistance to the movements, nothing will change. Similar to Nazism, these fundamentalist extremist jihadist groups will not rest until everyone who doesn’t think like them is eradicated. This cannot be tolerated any longer. Something MUST be done, and THEY must do it.

The Supreme Imam of Al-Azhar University and Mosque, Ahmed Al-Tayeb, stated that the radical groups who murder and butcher in the name of the Islamic State represent neither Muslims nor Al-Azhar nor the prophet Muhammad and his message. The heinous deeds of these fundamentalist groups repeatedly harm and distort the real teachings and true message of Islam. Moreover, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, Shawqi Alam, said that naming a terror organization such as ISIS an Islamic state is a monumental mistake. This organization speaks and acts against the humane and peaceful religious teachings, and the sharia, of Islam.

Indeed, the ″World Association of Al-Azhar Graduates″ has proclaimed the terror group as un-Islamic, and as part of a larger conspiracy against the Muslim world itself – including terror groups like ISIS in the Middle East, Taliban in the Middle East and Asia, and Boko Haram in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Media outlets in the Arab world are flooded by newscasts, explanations and opinions condemning and bashing the Islamic State, calling it un-Islamic. Influential and prominent Islamic scholars from various countries all over the world have condemned the actions of ISIS and confirmed the message that ISIS has nothing to do with the teachings of Islam, and that on the contrary, it destroys Islam.

So if ISIS members are un-Islamic and are not real Muslims, then what are they? All of their slogans are Islamic and their interpretations are also Islamic. Their flag bears the message: ″there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His prophet.″ Putting aside the conspiracy theories and the attempts to exclude such a terrorist organisation from Islam, ISIS could present the opportunity for real Islamic reformation.

The problem is, the Muslim world is feeding people these conspiracy theories, instead of taking action to prevent this from happening to them and their religion. As it currently stands, extremists are the snakes, and the so-called moderates are the grass that the snakes hide in. This isn’t going to end well for them if they don’t change, not with a president like President Trump who is ready to take action to end these threats to our nation and the world.

After all, the overwhelming majority of ISIS recruits have come from Muslim nations and, more importantly, from Arab countries. They mainly arose from Islamic societies and communities, and studied the same religious books at schools and universities. They attended the same mosques and they received the same religious messages as the rest of the community. They are more than likely the sons, brothers, fathers, sisters and mothers of ”moderate” Muslims. The disturbing reality of the horrid actions and savage brutality of ISIS members should put the focus on the real problem: Islam needs reformation and revival.

It isn’t a matter of defending Islam, but rather of criticizing it in its current form. Other religions have adapted to allow their followers to make sense of it in an ever-changing world, while Islam unfortunately has not done so, becoming increasingly incompatible with the majority of the world’s societies today, and leading to individuals who are exposed to the same teachings and messages turning to terror for whatever reason (money, politics, religion…).

How can this ever actually get done, you might ask? Reformation must begin in primary education, with the religious textbooks used by children, and must permeate through to the highest levels of theological study. A reformation could start in the mosques, via sermons at Friday prayers, in an effort to enforce tolerance and build peace. Reformation would also be much easier if religious institutions in the Arab world and the Muslim-majority nations stopped interfering in politics on one hand, and if political institutions stopped instrumentalizing religion and co-opting religious institutions for the consolidation of power.

The emergence and dominance of ISIS should be a wake-up call for Muslims anywhere worldwide. Simply proclaiming that ISIS is un-Islamic, and pointing out that it does not represent Islam, is not enough to stop new recruits from joining ISIS and other like-minded extremist groups. A reformation of Islam seems long overdue; otherwise, sooner or later, the world risks the emergence and dominance of organizations similar to ISIS. Describing ISIS as un-Islamic neither prevents the emergence of another hundred ISIS-like terror organizations, nor does it improve the image of Islam and Muslims.

Real reform needs to start from scratch and every source, as selected by Islamic scholars, should be subjected to intense scrutiny and thorough vetting and appraisal. That ISIS rose up from an Arabic conflict and instrumentalizes Islam for political ends should also shake up those who are still calling for a fusion between politics and the state. Putting politics and dogmatic religion on an equal footing will inevitably result in the destruction of one of these two components. Either politics would dominate and destroy religion, or religion would dominate and destroy politics.

In the case of ISIS, politics is dominant over religion, but the prominence of the latter serves the political cause of ISIS – power, legitimacy and dominance. The selection of such a version of extremism has singled out ISIS as well; they do not hesitate to commit genocide when eliminating their opponents. Islamic scholars need to launch and lead this reformation – far from politics and the great divide of what is the ″right″ or what is the ″wrong″ Islam. There needs to be a framework that lays down the foundation, the blueprint, for this lengthy generational process. In return, the political leadership in Arab states need to monitor the process closely. It is not enough for Muslims to condemn violent terrorist acts by deeming them un-Islamic. Change needs to be real and it needs to begin now.

I truly hope this strategy is adopted by those who have the power to change things within their religion. Growing up as a Christian in a multi-cultural setting, and spending much of my life in the Middle East, I grew up together with Christians, Muslims, Druze, and many other sub-sects of these religions. The VAST MAJORITY of the people I have come to know are peaceful, modern, moderate, secular, fun-loving individuals who do not want to be ridiculed, marginalized, or otherwise included in generalizations due to the extremism that stems from their religion or region.

But there is only ONE WAY this can be stopped peacefully: they must be the first line of defense WHERE THEY ARE, and aggressively oppose this movement of terror, freeing the vast majority of the chains imposed on them and their religion by these groups. The only reason this keeps happening is because talking a good game is not enough these days. It is time for action.

As Americans, the vast majority of us believe all Muslims are violent or inclined to turn to terror, so we do need strict measures for thorough vetting that allow us to maintain safety and stability in our country until things change, and until we see that the reformation explained above is ongoing. Just as we do not think everyone in our community is a criminal or burglar, but still lock our doors at night, we do not think all immigrants are dangerous, but still need borders and vetting to ensure our safety and security.

Enough is enough. Now is the time to be the change you want to see in these groups, in your religion, and in the world, if that is TRULY what you say your religion represents.

Otherwise, President Trump and the international coalition may have other plans. Win or lose. You decide.

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