What Ex-CIA Chief and Hillary Supporter Just Said About the Media Changes EVERYTHING! -

What Ex-CIA Chief and Hillary Supporter Just Said About the Media Changes EVERYTHING!

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Even the former CIA Director Mike Morell talked about how he doesn’t really trust the mainstream media sources.

He says the mainstream media has been falsely reporting about Jared Kushner’s ties with Russia.

And all the possibly reported “back channels” are just false facts. This comes from a Hillary Clinton supporter.

The ex-CIA Director, and Hillary Clinton supporter, thinks the media is reporting false assumptions regarding Jared Kushner’s involvement with Russia, and alleged “back channels.”

He specifically said about recent reports by the Washington Post and the New York times, that “that is not a sourcing chain in which I would put a great deal of confidence.”

 Ya’ll, it seems that the media is more interested in getting stories out fast than they are about getting stories out that are factually accurate.

In fact, regarding the alleged “back channels” that the media is all excited about, ex-CIA Director Morell said “that is not a back channel” because the incoming national security adviser was allegedly involved.  He went on, saying “that is a ‘front-channel’-the incoming national security advisor talking with the Russian government.”

 Why should that matter?  It matters because the media is doing whatever it can to paint President Trump in the most negative light possible.  Because it wants him gone.

Actually it was not a back channel that the mainstream media is talking about but a front channel, and he is saying that his facts may point to the national security advisor. The one who is talking to the Russian government. So you may be asking yourself, why does this matter? It matters because the mainstream media is trying to point everything negative to President Trump. They are just racing against each other of who puts more negativity into the world and into Trump’s life. They do not care about facts!

He even said he has noticed what the media is trying to do when they are against someone and all the messed up stories and wrong facts they try to put out into the world to damage one specific person, in this situation, our President Trump.

Morell even stated that he “spent a career watching the media get a significant portion of intelligence related stories wrong.”  But under Trump, it appears that the MSM could not care less.

Fellow patriots, this has to get out!

You can hardly turn on the TV now without hearing the words “back channel” and “Kushner.”

Please, if you care about the Trump presidency, SHARE this everywhere to expose the truth the lying media won’t tell you, and comment “I support President Trump!”

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