Denmark Politician Proposes Halting ALL Muslim Immigration -

Denmark Politician Proposes Halting ALL Muslim Immigration

Danish politician Søren Espersen has proposed stopping all immigration from Muslim countries.

The move comes in a time of increasing tension and instability as Europe copes with a massive influx of immigrants from Muslim countries.  Recent terror attacks in Denmark and throughout Europe have many people questioning the wisdom of their leaders in welcoming the refugees with open arms.  The fact is that the immigrants have little desire and zero ability to assimilate into the local culture.  The inevitable result is the rapid growth of immigrant ghettos which act as havens and breeding grounds for Islamic extremism.  Many parts of major historic European cities have become dangerous for anyone who is not Muslim to go into, including police.

As reported by the Gatestone Institute these no-go zones are an existential threat to the nation:

Immigrant gangs often operate or seek refuge in so-called no-go zones that are effectively off limits to Danish authorities. These “no-go zones” involve suburbs of Copenhagen and other Danish cities that function as autonomous enclaves ruled by Muslim immigrants, areas where Danish police fear to tread.

Muslim gangs in Denmark have been highly adept at leveraging the fear that Danish authorities have of Islam and of Muslim immigrants. They replicated the model that Muslim gangs in Britain have successfully used to wrest control over the criminal underworld in that country.

Espersen’s knows this as well as other of his fellow politicians.  But, just like in America, politicians are too timid to do anything about it.  The multi-cultural ideology has blinded them to the most obvious truth.  Muslims and democracy don’t mix.  His basic idea is that Denmark needs to call a halt to all Muslim immigration until the impact can be assessed.  According to DW:

A leading member of Denmark’s second-largest party, the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party, called on Thursday for the country to deny entry to Muslim asylum seekers.

Speaking to the Berlingske newspaper, the party’s deputy leader Soeren Espersen said that Muslim migrants should be barred from entering Denmark for up to six years. Denmark needs “a respite after recent terrorist attacks in Europe,” he said.

However, the leader of the Danish People’s Party, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, along with partners in the ruling Liberal party, questioned the proposal. They said that their respective parties do want to discriminate against migrants based on religion.

Espersen insisted that his proposal did not contravene the party line. “It is a recognition of the terrorism threat emanating from the Muslim community,” he told news agency Ritzau. “It is certainly not the same as saying that all Muslims are terrorists.”

Another senior member from the Danish People’s Party confirmed on Denmark’s TV2 television channel that the group’s stance was indeed to introduce a ban on Muslim asylum seekers.

Espersen is responding to recent terror attacks in his country and throughout Europe

Needless to say, this is the same desire for a halt that President Trump called for after the slaughter of American’s in one of the  terrorist attacks in America.  This message resonates well with most people whether in Europe or the U.S.  That’s why populist movements are springing up everywhere.  People recognize the threat even when the media and politicians try to calm their fears.

This move by Espersen was greeted by the usual outrage and hand wringing among the elite.  In spite of that, the Danish politician is refusing to back down.  He, like President Trump recognizes the threat.  Let’s hope it’s not too late.



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