DEMOCRATS ARE DEVASTATED: Jessie Waters Just RUINED The Democratic Party With This ONE Brutal Fact -

DEMOCRATS ARE DEVASTATED: Jessie Waters Just RUINED The Democratic Party With This ONE Brutal Fact

Democrats do not simply one day decide to go after their enemy. They do so with careful planning over a long period of time. Time after time liberals have played the game of corruption, then try to make it out to be a conservative activity.

Don’t take our word for it. Let the words of someone else who knows speak the truth.

The video below speaks to how Democrats have colluded with foreign enemies of this country for decades. Jessie Waters was on Fox and Friends and had these amazing things to say about the Democratic Party. And that they have been wheeling and dealing like this for years.







Fox Contributor Juan Williams is as liberal as they come. Yet Jessie Waters brought him to reality about the activity of the Democrats in their historic scandals. Trump knows how to work with foreign powers, friend or foe. He sets the benchmark high on how this country will relate to those that seek her harm. History has shown that it is liberal presidents that have colluded with the enemy.

Examples would be:

  • China receiving satellite technology in exchange for money from Chinese in 1996 election…Bill won.
  • Hillary buys uranium from Hillary Clinton…guess what, she is a Democrat.
  • Barack Obama paid billions to North Korea and Iran…both making threats now about nuclear missile technology they have.

The liberal media never mention these things because they play footsie with Democrats. The DOJ should press forward on the prosecution of Clinton and Obama.

How do you feel about the list above and do you think Democrats are the true liars?




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