Congress is doing the right thing by Dismantling Welfare, but LIBERALS won't like it. -

Congress is doing the right thing by Dismantling Welfare, but LIBERALS won’t like it.

Welfare is not a right, any more than having a driver’s license is a right. It is called a privilege.

It was meant to allow people that are REALLY in need of help of assistance UNTIL they can get back to work.

But in the last couple of decades, it has become an expectation by those unwilling to break a bit of sweat. But Congress is finally doing something about it.

And Obama isn’t going to like it.

The plan

The GOP-led Congress recently voted to dismantle one of former President Obama’s rules. It stated that states would be limited in their ability to drug-test anyone that sought welfare.

This rule in the Federal Register, would provide for states to say no to any potential recipients that used illegal drugs.

However, Republican members of Congress saw a major loophole. The rule would only apply to those that in occupations that used firearms, were in transportation and pipeline industries. And the biggie. If their job required some form of consistent drug testing to remain employed.

Now there is a caveat of limitations if ever there was some.

Their vote was a major step to rectifying a major problem. Working towards requiring people to work and not make welfare a lifestyle.

As always liberals will whine and call out the GOP for being hearts of stone legislators. Especially since the GOP is supposedly the party that lacks compassion.

The truth

Conservatives have bigger hearts by going this route.

People that refuse to work only enable crime and drug usage to increase. Recipients of welfare that stay on it create a culture that speaks an unwillingness to strive for more for themselves or their families. It’s time to these people back to earning a living.

Obama and his party did nothing good for Americans by implementing rules that made government assistance so easy. They are the ones with no compassion…no heart.

Welfare is a tool to getting back on one’s feet. So, thank you Republicans for taking the right step.

How do you feel about this move by Republicans in Congress to clean up how welfare works? Leave your comments below.


H/T: The Federalist Papers


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