Christians Must Stop Being So Naive About Radical Muslim Immigration -

Christians Must Stop Being So Naive About Radical Muslim Immigration


The Country is awash in political correctness and university fueled non-sense about the matter of Muslim immigration.  The truth has become very difficult to talk about.  It’s so much easier to just go along and not make any waves.  After all, these are people just like us who are looking for a better and safer way of life.  It can seem so coldhearted to not extend a Christian welcome to them.

This attitude has great power over our emotions.  As Americans we are by nature open  and generous to outsiders.  We want good for everyone.

The problem is that this is a sentimental and naive outlook when it comes to Muslim migration.  We must always be guided by the truth.  We must look around the world and through history and make an honest assessment of the culture that has been produced by the Islamic faith. For anyone with eyes to see, the result of such an inquiry will be profoundly disturbing.


Here’s an important piece for any religious person who is struggling with how to respond to mass Muslim immigration to our country.

From The Federalist:


Muslims Aren’t Just Another Denomination

It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around how my educated friends and educated church leaders can’t see that differences between Islam and Christianity are profoundly greater than differences between various Christian groups. Have they not read the history of Islamic conquest? Can they not observe the differences in today’s world between countries dominated by Islam and Western countries founded on Christian and Enlightenment values? Are they not aware of the widespread problems with migrants assaulting women in Germany, one of the latest victims being the daughter of a European official, who was raped and drowned? Have they not heard about the sharia law courts Muslim immigrants have created in England and the schools where Muslim children are taught barbaric practices?


American church-goers need to wake up.  Pastors and priests are often guilty of indulging in dangerous sentimentalism about Muslim immigration.

This will have profoundly negative consequences for our tolerant country if not stopped.

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