Yes. It’s impossible to become friendly with them because you can’t see their faces. They seem like they are from another world and do not want to become Americans or fit in at all. Surely they would be happier in another country where they do fit in.

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Does the Muslim full-body covering hinder integration into American society? Should the US ban the burka?

How do you feel about it?

– Feminists hate the burka because it is a symbol of misogyny
– arguments are being made that the full-face and body covering make it difficult to integrate into Western society
– some women are forced to wear the burka against their will
– some Muslim women choose to wear it
– some Muslims see it as an expression of their religion and an act of piety

Check out the uproar the German Defense Minister has caused in Saudi Arabia:

A German minister has refused to wear a hijab during a visit to Saudi Arabia – saying women should have the same right to choose their clothing as men.

Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen’s stand came a week after Chancellor Angela Merkel called for the burka to be banned.

Von der Leyen was in Riyadh to meet Saudi deputy crown prince Salman Al-Saud, where she voiced her annoyance at the expectation that women cover up.

But it sparked anger in the deeply-conservative state, where social media users called for her to be arrested.

It comes in a week when a Saudi woman was arrested for taking off her veil in public.

The German minister shunned traditional Saudi attire, opting instead for a dark blue suit when she met her counterpart at the Divan Palace in the country’s capital.

Her decision sparked anger on Twitter in Saudi Arabia, Al Bawaba reported.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Ok so why didn’t they arrest her? The hypocrisy and double standards.’

Another posted: ‘The German Defense Minister: Not wearing the hijab in Saudi was deliberate. This is an insult to Saudi Arabia!’

Speaking of her refusal to wear full-length robes, known as the abaya, Das Bild reports, she said: ‘No woman in my delegation has to wear the Abaya.

‘The right to choose your own clothing is a right shared by men and women alike. It annoys me, when women women are to be pushed into the Abaya.’…

…Last week Angela Merkel called for a burka ban, saying the ‘full veil is not appropriate’ in Germany.

The German chancellor told her conservative CDU party conference that wearing the burka should be outlawed ‘wherever that is legally possible’.

Merkel said she would back a nationwide ban just months after revealing that she believed the burka was a barrier to Muslim women becoming integrated into German society.
Read more: Daily Mail

Wake up Washington. There will be a new administration in charge soon, and hopefully they will do what needs to be done. I am sure President Trump will have no problem giving the people who do not want to assimilate into American culture a one way ticket home.

If you live here you must uphold our Constitution and laws or leave. Here are some non-negotiables:

1. Sharia Law is in direct violation of our Constitution.

2. No burkas in America

3.  Remember you are in a Christian country.

SO..what do you think??

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