Should We Follow in Other Nations' Footsteps and BAN Burqas? -

Should We Follow in Other Nations’ Footsteps and BAN Burqas?

Americans have always been a friendly lot.  In general we try to be tolerant of others; “live and let live” is almost an American creed.  We are known the world over as “The Melting Pot.”  That’s because immigrants have always had it as their most cherished dream to truly become Americans and fit into the National Story. That is until now.

There’s a new batch of immigrants allowed in by Obama who are turning the traditional story line upside down.   These immigrants are Muslims and they want nothing to do with the American dream.  Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but by and large Muslim immigrants have no desire to assimilate into the American culture.  The reasons for this are hard to understand for most Americans.  That’s probably because most Americans are not aware of the long history of Islam and the peculiar values of Islam.

Quite why the burka has been tolerated this long is insulting and it should be banned immediately. Anyone who wants to live under the rule of Sharia Law has numerous uncompromising Islamic countries to choose from – the list should not include Britain.

Enough of this undemocratic, totalitarian, fascist Sharia Law.

For instance, they believe all non-Muslims must be converted.  All political systems must become Sharia compliant.  For a devout Muslim, the highest aspiration is to see all the world submit to Allah.  That’s why they are only half-hearted in their acceptance of American rights as established in the Constitution.

The Burka is an apt symbol of this self imposed separation from their American neighbors.  How can you get to know someone or interact with them when they hide under a sinister black outfit.  It almost seems like a form of aggression.  It’s destabilizing to the culture because it causes fear and uncertainty.


From Clash Daily

Does the Muslim full-body covering hinder integration into American society? Should the US ban the burka?

 Check out the uproar the German Defense Minister has caused in Saudi Arabia:

A German minister has refused to wear a hijab during a visit to Saudi Arabia – saying women should have the same right to choose their clothing as men.

Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen’s stand came a week after Chancellor Angela Merkel called for the burka to be banned.

Von der Leyen was in Riyadh to meet Saudi deputy crown prince Salman Al-Saud, where she voiced her annoyance at the expectation that women cover up.

But it sparked anger in the deeply-conservative state, where social media users called for her to be arrested.

It comes in a week when a Saudi woman was arrested for taking off her veil in public.

The German minister shunned traditional Saudi attire, opting instead for a dark blue suit when she met her counterpart at the Divan Palace in the country’s capital.

Her decision sparked anger on Twitter in Saudi Arabia, Al Bawaba reported.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Ok so why didn’t they arrest her? The hypocrisy and double standards.’


…Last week Angela Merkel called for a burka ban, saying the ‘full veil is not appropriate’ in Germany.

The German chancellor told her conservative CDU party conference that wearing the burka should be outlawed ‘wherever that is legally possible’.

Merkel said she would back a nationwide ban just months after revealing that she believed the burka was a barrier to Muslim women becoming integrated into German society.
Read more: Daily Mail

This issue is being faced all throughout western countries.  The regular folk have had enough.  It’s not going to end like past immigrtions by Germans or Italians to our beloved shores.  No.  By choice they are creating a nation within our nation.  Washington had better wake up before it’s too late.

The burqa has been tolerated for this long because of the pervasive climate of bending over backwards to accommodate people who hold us in contempt and are hell-bent on destroy us. This isn’t enlightened liberalism but voluntary self-destruction.

In this day and age of Muslim terrorism any face covering in a public space should be banned. No ‘ifs’ and no ‘buts’.

On another note, the dress is worn as a religious and political statement simultaneously, and contradicts the very notion of immigrants integrating into our society.

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