BREAKING: Trump OFFICIALLY Announces He’ll Sign Executive Order To Remove US From TPP -

BREAKING: Trump OFFICIALLY Announces He’ll Sign Executive Order To Remove US From TPP

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One of Donald Trump’s main campaign promises has been to end the worst trade deal in history; the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

He’s lived and breathed business his entire life so he knows how disastrous it is for the American People. And the American people agreed with him, because now’s he’s about to be the President.

Those same voters are going to LOVE this: TPP will be killed on Trump’s FIRST day in office!



Things just keep getting better and better!! Trump is EXACTLY what this country has needed!
He’ll be able to negotiate a trade deal that actually protects American business interests from malicious foreign intervention.


WATCH a message from President-Elect Donald Trump



Here’s why TPP is such a horrible deal.

From Daily Wire:

Contrary to presentations of TPP as liberalizing trade, Obama made the case for TPP to his “progressive friends.”

“The argument I make to my progressive friends is: You are absolutely right to worry about inequality, but the answer is not to pull up the drawbridge. The answer, rather, is to make sure everybody has high labor standards. That all countries are accountable to their citizens in terms of things like minimum wages, worker standards, making sure that there is an education system that people can access. And, unfortunately, we haven’t done enough of that.

What this does is it raises the standards for trade, so there is greater protection for labor rights, greater protection for environmental rights, greater transparency, greater protection for intellectual property.”

Obama claimed that “no serious economist” would disagree that the TPP amounts to a “smart deal.”

No mention was made by either Obama or Zakaria of reducing mercantilist policies and working to minimize state-driven industries. Broad reduction of taxation and regulation was also ignored.

While speaking broadly of what he described as the danger of growing economic inequality both within America and on the global stage, Obama made no mention of dangers pertaining to the growth of government power relative to individuals. No consideration was given to the destruction of prosperity wrought by the expansion of state power – in both the social and economic spheres.

On the subject of globalization, Obama did not acknowledge the phenomenon of eroding state sovereignty via the transfer of political power to international institutions. Also ignored were cultural disruptions to nations wrought by mass immigration – both legal and illegal – and exacerbated by the ethos of multiculturalism and related policies.



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