Breaking: James Dobson Breaks Silence On Trump's Military Policy... Millions Melting Down -

Breaking: James Dobson Breaks Silence On Trump’s Military Policy… Millions Melting Down

Serving in the military is a responsibility not taken lightly. The US Armed Forces are put into harm’s way every day. It is not something to be politicized and experimented on to make liberals and a tiny group of Americans happy.  There is no right to serve in the military.

This author was disqualified from service years ago because of bad ankles. Disappointment for not being able to serve was there, but the reasoning was understood.

Gays and Transgenders feel they have a right to serve simply because they are gay or trannies. But hey can’t even accept their natural gender or sexual preference.

The military is about discipline and leaving emotions behind. That is not a typical aspect of the LGBT crowd.

That said, President Trump announced recently that he would reverse Obama’s policy of allowing transgenders to serve in the military.

Really no one is surprised, but liberals were quick to attack his decision as uncaring and homophobic. The hyperbole was rampant as the gay community spoke out. A litany of word choices as posted by WND;

“Disgusting. Stupid. Un-American. Cruel. Petty. Shocking. Ignorant. Horrifying. Vicious. Unconscionable. Disgraceful. And most of all … discriminatory!”

Thank goodness leftists are taking the news with calmness and acceptance. Yeah…no!
The shock wave from the left is not surprising considering they sang the praises of  Obama when he facilitated for transgender entrants. However, Trump did not simply make this decision. It was from long counsel with his military chiefs.
Trump went on to say that his decision was for preserving the lethality of our fighting forces, keeping down medical costs, and maintaining order. Sage words. Companies and battalions move at a moment’s notice. There is not time to deal with personal preferences.
Many Christian leaders, such as James Dobson of Focus on the Family, supported the President’s latest decision. From Dobson;

“It is heartening to have a commander in chief who puts the expert opinions of his generals and military officials ahead of the destructive forces of political correctness and identity politics, I support the president’s decision and commend this administration for having the courage to protect our military from what would only amount to an enormous and costly distraction.”

PC has been the bane of America since the word and idea was concocted. The left does not care about traditional institutions that work.  They  prefer to use them for social experiments. The whole orientation argument has been nothing but a wedge to drive changes in our society.

How do you feel about Trump’s decision and the support of Christian leaders from across the country?





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