Australian Prime Minister To Muslim Immigrants... Accept Australian Values or You're OUT -

Australian Prime Minister To Muslim Immigrants… Accept Australian Values or You’re OUT

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Australia finally gets it.

Australian politicians plan to pass a bill that would make immigrants take an “Australian values” test and have a higher level of English proficiency as a precondition to citizenship, Reuters reported last week.

The test requirements will be upgraded from basic English to a minimum of 6.0. equivalent on the international English Language Testing System. The Sydney Morning Herald also reports that the test demands that citizenship applicants live in the country for at least four years prior to applying, up from one year, which was what the previous requirement was.

The Australian’s under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, have decided to change they way they deal with awarding citizenship. Somewhere along the line, the idea of citizenship got confused as a “right” as opposed to a privilege, which it actually is. A nation state does not “owe” people citizenship, and the idea that anyone can “claim” it is ridiculous. And the Aussies seem to know which direction to go in addressing this.

In what he says is a move to “strengthen the Values of his country”, he and his government have changed the way citizenship is awarded in a fundamentally practical and sensible way (and perhaps something the US should look at adopting and adapting).

The new rules include:

  1. Pass a tougher test with more questions.
  2. Be able to read, write, speak and listen in English.
  3. Must have four years permanent residence in Australia.
  4. If they fail the test twice they must wait another 2 years.
  5. Must declare in the test that they believe in equality (especially of women)

It’s not the perfect system, and like any system can probably be gamed. But they are at least taking the idea of Australian citizenship seriously (unlike many other nations). The best way to protect our way of life, is to have a good life. One that people not only envy, but want for themselves and their families. If migrants arriving want to share in the values, the beliefs and the community that the US offers, that’s wonderful. But if they want to bring regressive and oppressive practices with them, why should they even be given a chance to step through the door?

The Lefties in the US try to shout anyone down who want to vet who we bring into this country. We are SICK of it, and apparently so is Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull!

The Australian citizenship test originally had 20 questions, now there are going to be more questions added to the test. They are going to be include reading, writing, listening, and moral components.

Turnbull said that he is doing this in an attempt to not just strengthen the multicultural aspect of Australia, but to also strengthen the VALUES that they hold as a country. We should be taking notes.

He went on to say that he would never ask potential citizens “to abandon their heritage or their culture or their background” but they need to understand how people treat one another in Australia. They will not settle for people who are okay with domestic violence or hold radical beliefs. We should be taking MORE notes.

If a potential applicant takes the test and fails it twice, they are going to have to wait another two years before they try again. When they fail a citizenship test, obviously there is something that qualifies them as not being able to function within a normal, healthy society.

The liberal Democrats in our country could stand to learn a thing or two from Turnbull’s move. In our country, the Left only embrace dangerous, anti-American ideologies. We have people in our streets shouting that we need to follow Sharia Law! No, thank you!

When we try to stand up to the people in our country who want to bring dangerous refugees here we are called racists, bigots, Islamophobes, and so on. Now Australia has set a new standard that we should look at very carefully. There is a lot that we can learn from their new setup.

It would not surprise us if the Left tried to cal Aussies racists. They have already shown that they will actively attack anyone who thinks differently than they do. A message is being sent through the world that we are NOT going to settle for this irrational behavior, and that we are no longer willing to let refugees comes here unchecked.

Our guess is, the crime rate in Australia is going to drop immensely due to this move. They are going to end up happier, safer, and better off than they were before thanks to this new stricter system.

We NEED to craft a similar approach AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Do you think President Trump will follow Turnbull’s lead?

H/T: Freedom’s Final Stand 

Source: The Australian

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