Australia: Muslim HATE PREACHERS Headline Mainstream Islamic 'Quest for Success' Event: 'Sickened’ by Muslims who show affection to non-Muslims -

Australia: Muslim HATE PREACHERS Headline Mainstream Islamic ‘Quest for Success’ Event: ‘Sickened’ by Muslims who show affection to non-Muslims

Yusha Evans is disgusted by compassionate Muslims. Especially those who associate with disbelievers. He finds it totally disgraceful.

That is too bad Yusha. Now the irony. He is going to speak to a group of Muslims in Australia.

Islamic hypocrisy

Constantly the mainstream media reports that Islam has only a small group of radicals. They claim that jihadists do not represent the far-reaching mentality. SO if that is true why are “moderates” allowing radical speakers at their convention?

Yusha Evans, along with a Muslim accused in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, are keynote speakers.

Evans has written where he is sickened by Muslims playing cozy with non-Muslims. However, these two radicals have prime spots to declare their philosophy.

People of Islamic faith as a whole should be outraged. But no one is stepping forth to denounce this invitation to speak.


“Hate preacher ‘sickened’ by Muslims who associate with ‘non believers’ and a suspect in 1993 World Trade Centre bombing to give keynote speeches at Sydney Islamic conference,” by Kate Darvall, Daily Mail Australia, May 4, 2017 (thanks to Lookmann):

A hate preacher who says he is ‘sickened’ by Muslims who show affection to ‘disbelievers’ is due to speak at an Islamic conference in Sydney on Sunday.

Yusha Evans has been invited by the United Muslims of Australia to speak at the Quest for Success conference which will be held at Sydney Olympic Park on May 7.

Mr Evans has links to radical Australian preachers and made headlines in 2013 when he told his 350,000 Facebook followers it ‘sickened’ him when Muslims showed affection for ‘disbelievers’.

‘One thing that sickens my heart is watching Muslims have love and affection for disbelief and disbelievers,’ he said.

Yusha obvious disdain

Mr Evans has also said ‘moderate Muslims’ were the biggest threat to the Muslim community.

The Muslim leader has publicly denied links to Islamic State and condemned the terror group.

Mr Evans will be joined by Imam Siraj Wahaj, an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing.

US authorities believed Imam Wahaj was linked to the attack but never charged him, according to The Washington Times.

Despite this, the African American leader has been named as a prominent speaker at the conference on Sunday.

Sheikh Abu Hamzah is also due to speak at the event.

Sheikh Hamzah sensationally told an all-male audience in Sydney in 2003 they could force their wives to have sex and beat them if they were ‘disobedient’, the Telegraph reports.

The Quest for Success conference is an ‘Islamic youth and community based organisation’ which claims to provide ‘quality spiritual, social, educational and recreational programs and activities’ for Australia’s Muslim community….

Each speaker is a radical

Even this third speaker is a fringe lunatic. Hamzah advocates that men can beat their wives? And Muslims are ok with this message?

The conference sponsor is a youth based organization. They are allowing…inviting…this level of hate speech. Why aren’t peace-loving Muslims declaring their outrage? They should be on social media sharing the truth.

But like liberals, their words and their agenda are apparent.

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