Ashley Judd Shows why She is the PERFECT Spokesperson for the Democrats -

Ashley Judd Shows why She is the PERFECT Spokesperson for the Democrats

Ashley Judd is the perfect spokeswoman for the Democrats…Loud, vulgar, and incorrigibly stupid.  Look what she’s saying about her own country.

President Bush had his Dixie Chicks. Remember the country ladies group that always lambasted his presidency? If they had used Twitter, he would have really been attacked.

Now President Trump has the likes of Ashley Judd. She is becoming more vitriol in her attacks on conservatism. Now though Twitter she is ringing louder than ever. More like a shrill.

Judd and Twitter

Recently, Ms. Judd went on to tweet about America’s lack of focus on being pro-women. As she puts it, this country is behind others on feminist rights.

Maybe there are more pressing issues like education, economics, foreign policy…protecting the unborn?

But if she would rather, she could move elsewhere. America would not miss her. Pretty sure her sister Naomi would like a breather from her liberal harangues.

Better places…so she says

Our advice is that she pack up and see the world. Permanently. Maybe she can check out those places she claims do better for women’s issues. Maybe the Middle east would be a good place to start.

They surely would welcome her with open arms. Muslim countries always show regard for women. See the sarcasm?

Just because women have more opportunities outside the home with making careers in America. Don’t let that sway your decision.

Let’s say even your career as an actress had success…here in the states.

The truth

If you did leave, you would be back so quick. The realization of how other countries act towards you would hit home. Where else can you have a women’s march? A march by the way that excluded women you did not agree with.

Your hypocrisy Judd and others is beyond laughable. Where did you get that number anyway? Some feminist accounting group?

But hey if you leave. there are ladies with brains willing to take your place. One’s that are grateful for this country and have pride in living in it.

These are great responses from Twitter to Judd:

Usually when the Constitution is read, then people actually know it. It covers all people. It’s not sexually discriminating. God forbid someone who speaks in front of thousands of people actually knows what she’s talking about. You can read about the Constitution on Wikipedia and become a genius in about 15 minutes.

Lest we forget the horrible speech she gave to the beta males and man-hating feminists at the Women’s March, which was quite possibly the most embarrassing thing a large group of women has ever done. I’d like to see a men’s march and our version of the costumes. I wonder how long that would last before we were arrested thanks to some whiny feminists. Typical double standard, which is what the democrats are really good at. That and being victims of literally everything they can think of. Their biggest enemy is themselves.

The liberal mind is a terrible thing to exhibit.

Many of these replies came from women that appreciate what they have. Their love for country and womanhood speaks to what’s right.

Thank you Judd for letting everyone see the real you.

How do you respond to her comments?

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