An Amazing Act of Kindness -

An Amazing Act of Kindness


On April 23, 2016, Rodney Smith Jr. uploaded a photo of him, his friend Terence, and their 93-year-old neighbor to Facebook. He never expected the photo to go viral and be shared over 235,000 times.

 When Rodney Smith Jr. learned that a 93-year-old woman in his community was mowing her own lawn, he jumped into action. He couldn’t let an elderly woman do this, not while he’s young, nimble, and fully capable.

We did this sweet lady’s lawn today. She is 93, the neighbors told us that she been out their trying to cut her own lawn…

Posted by Rodney Smith Jr. on Saturday, April 23, 2016

Smith references Raising Men Lawn Care in his post. It’s an organization he founded, and they are dedicated to helping neighbors in the community in need. Smith, a student at Alabama A&M University, launched Raising Men Lawn Care so those who do not “have the time, resources and/or money to manicure their yards” could maintain their yards free of charge.

The response, as evidenced by the comments on Smith’s Facebook post, has been stellar.

One user commented, “I think it’s awesome what you’re doing!! May God bless you abundantly for the good you do.” Another said, “You are doing such an AMAZING thing Rodney!!!! Truly a BLESSING to so many!!!!!!!!”

Since founding Raising Men Lawn Care Service in December 2015, the organization has mowed over 300 yards. With 20 committed volunteers, these men are on a mission to “restore the importance and understanding of giving back to the community. I want to show our children (our future) that by helping others they too will receive a sense of accomplishment, self-esteem, moral value, and purpose in themselves.”

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